The Best And Worst Moments From Harry And Meghan's Farewell Tour

Many changes are on the way since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to step back from royal duties, relocate to Canada, and become financially independent from the rest of the royal family. Although their abrupt announcement in January 2020 took the world by surprise — including the crown — many are looking forward to what these two royal renegades will do with their newfound freedom.

Where will they live? What will they do for work? What the heck should we even call the Duke and Duchess of Sussex these days? There are countless questions wracking fans' brains, and while there is still a lot of uncertainty, the world will gain some clarity after March 31, 2020, when the official transition takes place. We do know one thing for certain: The couple is ready to get its groove on and get out of the U.K.

Before the duke and duchess bolt, however, they had some loose ends to wrap up in their old home. Unofficially referred to as their "farewell tour," their whirlwind trip through the U.K. was certainly dramatic. From a romantic reunion in the rain to a terribly awkward encounter with the in-laws, here are the highs and lows from their breakup with royal life.

Just call him Harry

Meghan and Harry's farewell tour kicked off with the duke traveling to Scotland for a sustainable tourism summit, where it became clear that major changes were in order. The queen's grandson who, up until now, was called "Prince Harry," specifically requested to be called "just" Harry.

"He's made it clear that we are all just to call him Harry," host Ayesha Hazarika told the audience at an event where Harry was promoting his new eco-friendly travel partnership, per The Washington Post. His request to drop the royal title is more than just a simple preference. It comes after much back-and-forth about what stepping away from royalty really means for the couple. 

According to the agreement among Harry, Meghan, and the royal family, the couple will remain the Duke and Duchess of Sussex while stepping back from their royal titles. They will also be able to keep their titles of "His and Her Royal Highnesses," but they won't actively use the royal references and will even rebrand from "Sussex Royal" to something that doesn't refer to the two as "royal." The request for Prince Harry to be called simply "Harry" is a clear step in that direction, though reports also suggest he may be having a hard time walking away from the only lifestyle he's ever known.

Meghan and Harry's show-stopping reunion

Romantic pictures of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry reuniting in the U.K. and heading to the Endeavor Fund Awards turned up the heat on their much-awaited farewell tour. Prior to that engagement, Markle had been staying in Canada, where the couple is making its new home. The awards marked the first time the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were seen together publicly since their announced separation from the royal family in January 2020, according to Newsweek.

The two were clearly glowing together against the backdrop of a rainy and gray London evening. Social media users couldn't help but notice Meghan's happy appearance and Harry's lovingly gazing at his wife. The entire scene, punctuated by paparazzi flashes lighting up the romantic night rain and Meghan's prince holding her umbrella, felt like something out of a movie. "When i grow up i want to be meghan markle and have the type of love that she and harry have," one social media user posted on Twitter alongside the viral photos.

An update on Baby Archie

During the Endeavor Fund Awards, Meghan Markle supposedly shared a rare update about the toddler that's been on everyone's mind — the couple's son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor. According to Harper's Bazaar, Meghan said the little one is growing up to be quite the toddlerFellow attendee Claire Spencer claimed that Meghan told her little Archie is getting "into everything."

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are usually quite private about their son, born in May 2019. He remained in Canada instead of joining Meghan and Harry on their farewell tour. Though it certainly must be tough to be away from their son, Harry reportedly made a point to share the couple's feelings about being back in the U.K., albeit temporarily. "Meghan and I are so happy to be back here with you," he said. "A lot of you tonight have told me you have my back, well I'm also here to tell you, I've always got yours."

Harry wore his royal uniform for what may be the last time

As part of their farewell tour, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attended the Mountbatten Music Festival, a charity event for the Royal Marines held at the Royal Albert Hall, per Town & Country. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex rocked coordinating red ensembles, but that fancy moment was bittersweet because it marked what may be the last time Prince Harry steps out in his royal attire.

According to The Telegraph, the uniform Harry wore signified his appointment as Captain General of the Royal Marines, a designation he received from Queen Elizabeth in 2017 and will be stripped of on March 31, 2020 as part of the Megxit deal struck with the royal family. Considering he's an Army veteran, Harry will be able to continue wearing the medals he earned during his service but not the uniform. 

To make matters even more emotional, Harry and Meghan received a standing ovation at the event prior to taking their seats.

Meghan and Harry's final farewell looked super awkward

There were certainly plenty of special moments during Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's farewell tour, but plenty of royal watchers were disappointed by, well, the lack of other royals surrounding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the high-profile events. 

When members of The Firm did gather together at the Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey — Meghan and Harry's final appearance — the press had a field day dissecting the royal family's every interaction — or lack thereof. The Daily Beast referred to the event as "an excruciating ignore-a-thon, a masterclass of social distancing."

Footage from the event shows Meghan wave and smile at sister-in-law Kate Middleton, but Kate seems more interested in greeting Prince Edward and his wife, Sophie, who are seated right next to Meghan. Brothers Harry and William appear to awkwardly acknowledge one another, but the whole thing feels "hideously awkward," at least from the outside looking in. 

Who knows? Maybe the fab four had a rip-roaring good time in private prior to that ceremony? Here's hoping. Regardless, the farewell tour has ended, and as the Daily Beast imagined: "...Meghan and Harry might have let out a well-justified scream of joy and relief" as they drove away.