Love Is Blind: The Surprising Truth About Jessica And Kelly's Relationship

Netflix's new reality series, Love is Blind, has been the talk of the town ever since it premiered on Feb. 13, 2020. Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the unique show tries to answer the question, "Is love blind?", by having a group of singles date from individual rooms — aka "pods" — where they can't see one another. The couples aren't permitted to communicate outside of the pods, and they're tasked with deciding whether to move forward with a proposal solely based on the interactions they have within these pods. If a proposal ensues, the pairs head to the altar after 28 days of getting to know one another. Wild, right? If you thought The Circle was bonkers, you'll be blown away by this production.

Two of those people who made it down the aisle with their respective fiancés — Jessica Batten and Kelly Chase — are hot topics after the reunion aired on March 5, 2020, with both ladies revealing emotional updates about their lives post-filming. Although Chase and Batten's relationships and antics stole the show (did anyone catch Batten letting her dog take a swig of her red wine, btw?), it's their own friendship that's captivating viewers at the moment. That's because the two reportedly knew each other before joining the series, an interesting twist we did not see coming.

Jessica Batten reveals the truth

Love is Blind had so many twist and turns, it was hard to keep up with all the drama. From Carlton Morton's explosive blowup with Diamond Jack to Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers' showdown at the altar, this show was always entertaining. Making matters even better? The juicy gossip is still flowing, as Jessica Batten revealed in March 2020 that she and Kelly Chase knew each other in Atlanta before filming. The truth surfaced after a fan asked Batten about the connection, with the reality star answering next to a throwback shot of the pair on Instagram Stories (via Twitter), "I've known Kel for 10 years!" Chase also confirmed the friendship, sharing in a video (via ET Online), "Jessica and I actually met 10 or 11 years ago from an ex-boyfriend's same social circle."  

It's not clear why they decided to keep quiet about the connection until now, although it's obvious the two are still friends today. Not only did they sit next to each other at the reunion, but Batten comforted Chase when she recalled her difficult split from Kenny Barnes. It's nice to know these ladies still have one another even if they didn't find love on the show.

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