Robert Kennedy's Grandson Looks Exactly Like The Legend

There's no last name quite as iconically American as Kennedy. With the memories of John F. Kennedy still in the American mind, it's no wonder our current culture is still fascinated with the Kennedy lineage. Unfortunately, the fascination is tinged with tragedy too. From assassinations to suicides and overdoses, there's an underlying grief to the Kennedy name that seems as prevalent as the political power associated with the family. 

Robert F. Kennedy was an American lawyer and politician who lived from 1925 to1968. He was brother to John F. Kennedy and, sadly, was also assassinated. Robert F. Kennedy was leaving The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California when he was shot and killed. This was tragic not only for the nation but also for Robert Kennedy's family and children. 

As time passes and Americans fondly remember Robert Kennedy, they can't help but notice a shocking resemblance between the former senator and his grandson, Conor Richard Kennedy. Let's take a closer look.

Conor Richard Kennedy hails from a famous family tree

Robert F. Kennedy had 11 children — seven boys and four girls — with his wife, Ethel Kennedy. One of his sons was named Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and according to Newsweek, junior "worked as an attorney for the nonprofit Hudson Riverkeeper, after working with the organization as part of his sentence for heroin possession." He also believes there is more to the murder of his father and his uncle, former president John F. Kennedy, than the public has been led to believe and has called for both investigations to be reopened

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. married Mary Richardson Kennedy, and in July 1994, they had a son named Conor Richard Kennedy. Considering he comes from such a famous family, Conor has done quite well staying out of the spotlight and living a relatively private life, except for one dating decision...

Connor Kennedy dated Taylor Swift

Conor Kennedy dated Taylor Swift in 2012. They reportedly met because Swift wrote a song called "Starlight" about Bobby and Ethel Kennedy's romance (Conor's grandparents.) According to In Style reports, Ethel's daughter, Rory, heard that Swift was a Kennedy fan and reached out to the songstress. Rory and her daughters went to a Swift concert, and as their connection grew, Taylor even got to meet Ethel and scored an invite to the Kennedy compound to celebrate the 4th of July. 

There were rumors that Swift initially noticed Patrick Schwarzenegger (another member of the Kennedy brood,) but there was no real proof that they had a lasting connection. Tay and Conor, however, definitely had a connection, even though the whole thing apparently flamed out after just a few months. Rumor had it that Swift even bought a $5 million mansion on Cape Cod just to be near Conor, but he allegedly considered that decision a little too intense for such an early phase in their relationship. 

InStyle reported that some members of the Kennedy family were supposedly worried about Conor dating someone as famous as Swift, considering he seemed content to stay out of the spotlight. Not only that, but folks were legitimately worried that she would write a breakup song about him ... and she apparently did. According to CBS News, Taylor Swift's "Begin Again" may be about breaking up with Jake Gyllenhaal and rebounding with Conor Kennedy.

Connor Kennedy has endured tragedy

In May 2012, not long before Conor Kennedy began dating Taylor Swift, his mother, Mary Richardson Kennedy (pictured above,) committed suicide at age 52. According to People, she and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. had been estranged since 2010, but he spoke kindly about his former wife at her memorial service. "She was the most perfect human being I ever met," he said. "She had these demons, and she didn't deserve it."

In August 2019, Conor and his family endured yet another shocking loss when his cousin, Saoirse Kennedy Hill, reportedly died of a drug overdose at age 22. In light of all these sorrows, The New York Times asserted that being part of the Kennedy family tree can be both "a privilege and burden." 

Fortunately, Conor has proved resilient and was spotted in New York City with a new girlfriend, model Michaela Vybohova, in August 2019. According to the Daily Mail, that was his first high-profile relationship since that episode with Taylor Swift.