Tom Brady May Have Found A New Home With A Hefty Paycheck

NFL star Tom Brady is on the move and it looks like he'll be earning a hefty paycheck in the process. Brady announced on March 17, 2020, that he was leaving the New England Patriots, which prompted plenty of speculation about what motivated his decision and what the departure meant for his future — particularly his career in sports. Now, reports are swirling that Brady may have agreed to play for a new team that's willing to pay him a staggering amount of money.

After being "unable to spark a negotiation with his soon-to-be former team," according to NBC Sports, Brady apparently "picked his next team without much if any negotiation." So who was seemingly willing to match the star player's requirements? While both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Los Angeles Chargers reportedly agreed to Brady's terms, he's apparently going to the Bucs.

NBC points out that his decision was likely swayed by "a variety of reasons, both business and personal." While being based in Florida means that he'll be "closer to his 12-year-old son, who lives in New York with his mother, actress Bridget Moynahan," the Bucs also happen to be viable contenders in the league, while the state itself offers benefits tax-wise. That latter point was surely something to consider when signing a deal for an undeniably impressive salary.

Tampa Bay might be paying Tom Brady a fortune

Tom Brady likely considered plenty of factors when it came to choosing a new NFL team to potentially play for. However, one thing that might have made the decision easier is the fact that the Buccaneers may have agreed to pay the athlete a heck of a lot of money for his skills as a quarterback. Although Brady "did not make [the kind of] grandiose requests that have been suggested elsewhere, including items like personnel authority and control over the development and implementation of the [Buccaneer's] offense," according to NBC Sports, he may have scored a pretty nice chunk of change. "Brady requested payment 'in the $30 million range' for each of the next two years." Not too shabby!

That $30 million would help boost the athlete's estimated annual income of $26.5 million. Celebrity Net Worth notes that Brady's income comes from both playing on the field — which has brought him around $196 million in salary alone over the years — as well as lucrative endorsement deals. "To date, Tom Brady has earned approximately $275 million" from his various income streams, and although he's spent much of that over the years, he still has an overall fortune that's thought to be in the range of $180 million. That being said, there may be someone else moving from the Pats to the Bucs who may not see such a large payday.

Tom Brady may not be the only Patriot heading to Tampa Bay

While the news around Tom Brady's potential move to the Buccaneers is obviously focused on the terms of his own particular deal, it turns out that he might not be the only Patriot player jumping ship and heading to Tampa Bay. There are reports that Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown might also be headed to Florida.

"[T]he word among teams interested in Tom Brady were among the impression that Brady wanted to bring Antonio Brown with him to a new team," NFL Network's Ian Rapoport explained in a tweet. However, there's a serious situation that might prevent Brown from joining Brady and the Buccaneers. Brown is currently "under league investigation for a myriad of issues, including allegations of assault and rape," according to TMZ.

Whatever happens with Brown, Brady will at least be able to count on having someone else by his side through the move.

Tom Brady's wife, Gisele Bündchen, is bidding Boston goodbye

The fact that Tom Brady has left the Patriots to possibly play for the Buccaneers means that he'll likely be relocating his entire family from Boston to the Tampa Bay area. While Brady's children, who he shares with his wife, Gisele Bündchen, will have to make a few adjustments as they settle down in a new home, the Brazilian model is already saying goodbye to New England.

"What a ride the last decade has been," Bündchen wrote on Instagram on March 18, 2020, along with a collection of photos showing her family enjoying their life over the years in Boston. Adding that the city "has been so good to" them and "will always be in [their] hearts," she told her followers, "We will forever have wonderful memories. Our kids were born and raised there and we have made special friendships to last a lifetime. I'll miss our friends, the beautiful change of seasons and the rides to the stadium to go cheer for Tom and the Pats."

Bündchen continued her message by thanking those in Boston for supporting her husband and her family, ending with: "We will miss you!" We're sure the feeling is mutual.