The Untold Truth Of Daisy Keech From TikTok

While the world of TikTok may seem utterly confusing to some, the social media app is taking the world by storm. Case in point? TikTok was downloaded more than 700 million times in 2019: a whopping 44% increase from a year prior. And that's not all — it's already giving Instagram a run for its money, as online influencers are flocking to the video-sharing platform as a means to make money. So, what exactly is a TikTok influencer? As Forbes puts it, "If you are asking what a TikTok celeb is—and why one matters—you are what a TikToker would call one of the olds."

You may have heard of some of TikTok's biggest stars (or at least recognize their faces), such as Belle Delphine or Charli D'Amelio, whose fame is already so significant that she even appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon at just 15 years old. Another bonafide TikTok celeb? None other than Daisy Keech.

So, who exactly is Keech? According to Seventeen, it turns out, the blonde influencer actually got her big break on Instagram first, rising to fame as a fitness model. Turning her sights over to TikTok as well, Keech's reputation is rapidly growing, and at the time of this writing, she has almost 4 million followers, surpassing "traditional" A-listers such as Ed Sheeran on the app.

Curious to know more about this quirky beauty? Look no further. Here's the untold truth of Daisy Keech from TikTok.

Daisy Keech has succeeded as a fitness influencer, too

It's not just TikTok videos that Daisy Keech is churning out, she's highly successful as a fitness influencer on Instagram, too. Boasting over 3 million followers, Keech has also developed an e-book for her fans titled Keech Peach: Home Booty Program — a guide on how to build your "dream booty."

Speaking of Keech's peach (sorry, not sorry), the starlet is actually known for it so much so, in fact, that there was talk amongst her fans that it wasn't actually real. According to The Sun, Keech decided to squash the naysayers and head over to plastic surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami to have him "certify" her derriere. As she wrote on her Instagram page, "my booty is REAL and [is] the first certified real booty!" Uh... right.

It looks like Keech's famous asset has also inspired her fellow celebs, too. According to The Scottish Sun, the Los Angeles-based starlet is often credited for a very specific pose that makes your bum look even bigger in photos — a stance which has been adopted by the likes of Kylie Jenner, Rita Ora, and Hailey Bieber, to name a few. "I'll stand up straight and spread my legs a little bit," Keech explained to the New York Post. "Then I'll ... arch my back a little bit, and I'll kind of puff out my chest. I breathe out, and my stomach cinches in as I pose." There you have it, folks.

She's involved in a huge lawsuit

Daisy Keech's rise to TikTok superstardom as an already-established Instagram influencer also had a lot to do with one specific mansion: the Hype House. According to a January 2020 piece by The New York Times, the Hype House is the location of a "content creator collective" based in Los Angeles. Formed in December 2019, 19 TikTok influencers produced content out of the house, and some even lived there full time, such as Keech and fellow stars Alex Thomas and Kouvr Annon.

Keech — along with fellow founders Annon, Thomas Petrou, Chase Hudson, and Alex Warren — all put money down for a deposit on the villa, yet paradise didn't last long. As reported by Forbes in March 2020, the core group found themselves embroiled in a bitter dispute, resulting in Keech filing a suit in federal court against Petrou and Hudson. As the outlet reports, the pair allegedly "struck deals without [Keech], exiled her from the group and tried to position themselves as the only founders of Hype House." Naturally, the blonde influencer gathered her belongings from the house and moved out.

Although at the time of this writing, Keech is looking to "claim control of the Hype House trademark," she's not sitting idly waiting for the suit to finish either. Per Forbes, Keech is building a new collective called "clubhouse," with "Its headquarters [in] a Beverly Hills mansion almost twice the size of Hype House." Hey, all the power to her.

Daisy Keech may or may not have a thing with Brody Jenner

Born in 1999, Daisy Keech is definitely a star who rose to fame at a young age. So, with that considered, has the celeb ever really even had a relationship? "I had one boyfriend when I was 15 and a half, maybe 16," she told her fans in a YouTube video from December 2019. "I haven't really had one since," Keech explained, adding, "I'm so picky. It's hard for me to like someone for longer than three days, and if I do, then I want to date you."

Well, it looks like Keech may have stopped being so picky, as by March of 2020, the influencer was spotted hanging out with none other than Brody Jenner. According to the Daily Mail, The Hills alum was seen heading to a grocery store in Los Angeles with Keech by his side, later loading up grocery bags into his car, hopping inside, and jetting off.

The two may very well be just friends, as neither of them have spoken out publicly about their outing (at least not yet). It is to be noted, however, that Keech definitely knows the public is talking. As reported by Us Weekly, the fitness influencer joked around on her Instagram Story, posting a selfie in Jenner's car "with a camera emoji referencing the paparazzi who spotted them together." We're guessing only time will tell if this lasts longer than Keech's usual three-day spell.