Joe Exotic's Ex-Husband Doesn't Look Like This Anymore

Joe Exotic has captured the world's attention thanks to the mind-blowing Tiger King Netflix docu-series, which involves everything from big cats in cages to murder-for-hire plots to drug use to a three-way marriage – just to mention a few of the unforgettable aspects of the truly wild story. Those who have watched the real-life drama unravel onscreen will know that one of Joe's husbands was John Finlay. However, viewers may not recognize him these days thanks to a smile-worthy transformation.

First meeting Joe back in 2003 when he was just 19-years-old, Finlay was initially a staff member of G.W. Exotic Animal Park before starting a relationship with his boss, according to Texas Monthly. They eventually married in a wedding that involved Exotic, Finlay, and the third member of their non-monogamous throuple, Travis Maldonado, who was also 19 when he first met Exotic.

While the docu-series revealed that Finlay and Exotic eventually split (while Maldonado passed away from a self-inflicted gunshot wound), what the Netflix story didn't show was the fact that Finlay — who was noticeably missing several teeth during filming — has himself a brand new set of pearly whites.

John Finlay has a new set of teeth

After leaving both Joe Exotic (birth name Joseph Schreibvogel) and his job behind at the big cat park, John Finlay got a new gig as a welder and has settled down with his fiancée Stormey, who was apparently the woman seen with Finlay when he had his tattoo (which was a tribute to his now ex-husband) removed at the end of the docu-series, according to TMZ. Along with a new job and a new (future) spouse, Finlay also has a new set of teeth.

Viewers will surely remember that along with being shirtless during his interview, which, according to TMZ, was apparently the producers' idea, Finlay also had unenviable teeth (frankly, most were missing). While many assumed that his dental situation was due to drug use — since meth was being used by employees of the park, including Finlay, as he has admitted — he claims that he lost his teeth due to a genetic condition and has been clean for six years.

Whatever the cause of Finlay's missing chompers, he has since had them replaced, which is a detail he shared on Facebook along with a photo of himself smiling with his new teeth. While that fact didn't make it into the final cut of what was seen on Netflix, perhaps we'll still get a chance to see them in all their glory if we end up getting a second season of Tiger King.

John Finlay spilled the tea about his 'painful' teeth in an interview with David Spade

John Finlay definitely seems to be enjoying his new teeth, which are dentures "for now", but they didn't come without a cost — and we're not referring to the substantial amount of money that he likely paid for the seemingly extensive dental work. Rather, Finlay has admitted that the experience came with a lot of pain. 

The Netflix docu-series star sat down for a chat on Lights Out with David Spade in March 2020 and ended up discussing his new teeth when the host asked, "What is more painful — a weiner tattoo or teeth being fixed?" Finlay replied: "I've got 51 tattoos, and I think my teeth are actually the worst part of it." First of all, he has 51 tattoos? Ouch! And getting new teeth was more painful than all that ink? Eek!

Frankly, Finlay must have experienced a heck of a lot of pain, since Healthline's tattoo pain chart includes the groin as one of the most painful places on your body to get permanent art (the others are armpits, ribcage, ankles, nipples, elbows, kneecaps, and lips, among other tender spots). As for the groin specifically, it's "filled with nerve endings that can be irritated by tattoo needles," which "repeatedly pierc[e] your skin's top layer," therefore, "[p]ain here can be high to severe." Again, ouch! 

As bad as that sounds, it turns out this isn't the only time he's gone through the painful process.

John Finlay revealed another painful truth about his teeth

Prompted by the popularity of Tiger King, John Finlay set up a fan page on Facebook — aptly named The Truth About John Finlay — in order to interact directly with those who are interested in his part of the story and want to know more about him. 

Among the queries from curious followers was one regarding Finlay's teeth and his former husband's financial situation. Noting that the Netflix docu-series claimed that Joe often bought expensive gifts for his husbands, Finlay and the late Travis Maldonado, one person asked, "[I]f joe would buy you trucks and many more gifts why didn't you ask him to fix your teeth[?]"

While it's unclear whether or not Finlay did, indeed, ask Joe for a little help when it came to paying to get his teeth cleaned up or possibly replaced, Finlay did reveal that this isn't the first time that he's had dental work done. "They were fixed before, but kept braking [sic] from accidents on four wheelers, animal attacks, and getting beat up while building cages," he said in a Facebook comment. Honestly, how much pain has this dude been through from both breaking his teeth and getting them fixed?

Hopefully, Finlay takes better care of his new teeth because fans certainly think they're worth it.

Fans agree that John Finlay's new teeth 'look great'

Along with using his Facebook page to answer fans' questions regarding his time with Joe Exotic, and to let them know what's going on in his life these days, Joe Finlay is also using the platform to show off his new teeth. In turn, his followers are laying on the praise. "I bet you feel like a new man — the new teeth look great," one social media user wrote. And that seems to be the consensus as many comments are compliments about his new teeth and some even note that he appears to be "much healthier" these days.

Others think that those responsible for the Netflix docu-series should have included the transformation in the final cut. "Your teeth look great. It's a little sad to know that there was footage with you wearing a shirt and updated pictures of your teeth, and they didn't show it," one person commented. "I can see why (due to the story and angle they were using) they didn't use any of that during the bulk of the film. But I see no reason why it wouldn't be included at the end, to show that you truly have moved on."

Viewers may not have been able to see Finlay's new teeth on Netflix but at least the stellar dental work is good reason for him to keep smiling even when the cameras aren't rolling. But does his smile make him look like Channing Tatum?

Will Channing Tatum and Dax Shepard star in a Tiger King movie?

John Finlay may be looking better these days thanks to his new teeth, but does he look like a movie star? While he may not have Hollywood aspirations, David Spade did ask him which actor he would want to portray him if a film was made about the Tiger King story. "I would have to say Channing Tatum," Finlay told the host

And perhaps by coincidence — or because it's a sign that it's meant to be — on March 12, 2020, Tatum posted a photo of himself standing in front of an MGM lion sign! Finlay also revealed that he has a personal connection to the actor, saying that the Magic Mike star sent a virtual kiss to his cousin when she was battling breast cancer.

While we don't know if Joe Exotic has any connection to Dax Shepard, that's another star that could pop up in a film about the tiger park — that is, if the actor himself has anything to say about it. "If I don't get cast as Joe Exotic in the eventual biopic, Hollywood is broken," Shepard tweeted on March 25, 2020.  

That being said, Edward Norton claims that Shepard is "way too young and buff" for the role, while Justin Long also chimed in to suggest that Jim Gaffigan step in as Baghavan "Doc" Antle. And if you're wondering who would play Carole Baskin, well, Kate McKinnon, of course (which, FYI, is something that is actually happening).