The Untold Truth Of Jimmy Fallon's Wife

Jimmy Fallon has been a late-night staple since Late Night with Jimmy Fallon premiered in 2009. And throughout his impressive rise to fame — from his Saturday Night Live reign to landing The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon — he's had a very special someone by his side: his wife, Nancy Juvonen. 

While she prefers to remain behind the camera, Juvonen revealed a bit more about herself during an impromptu interview on her husband's show. "I was born in Connecticut and raised in Northern California," she began. "Marin County, Mill Valley. Funky old Mill Valley." But before she could set her sights on Hollywood, she had to pay her dues, working a long list of "odd, miscellaneous jobs." As she told Fallon, when she first decided to work in Tinseltown, she had zero experience. "I had experience working on a dude ranch in Wyoming. I cleaned houses in San Francisco. I was a flight attendant for a while," Juvonen said, before adding with a laugh, "Oh, I thought I could cure all homelessness at one point with this artist — that was a fun job. Lost money on that one, for sure." 

But then, everything changed. This is the untold truth of Jimmy Fallon's wife.

Jimmy Fallon's wife is a Hollywood heavyweight

With an estimated net worth of $60 million and four Emmys to his name, Jimmy Fallon may be one of the most successful late-night talk show hosts of his generation. However, he isn't the only big-shot in his household. As it turns out, Fallon's wife, Nancy Juvonen, is a Hollywood heavyweight in her own right.

Now an established producer, a 27-year-old Juvonen's life changed when she met a 19-year-old Drew Barrymore in the mid-'90s. The actress ended up having a massive impact on both Juvonen's career and personal life — but more on the latter below. Alongside her new best friend, Juvonen launched the Flower Films production company back in 1995. The duo's first big screen project was 1999's Never Been Kissed – and since then, they have produced most of Barrymore's movies together, including the Charlie's Angels reboot, 50 First Dates, Fever Pitch, and Duplex, as well as Barrymore's Netflix series, Santa Clarita Diet.

Juvonen also has a penchant for reality TV and helped co-create dating shows like Tough Love and Tough Love: Couples, as well as co-producing culinary competitions like Knife Fight and Star Plates. What's more, the talented producer also boasts a few acting credits. In the early 2000s, Juvonen was cast in two bit roles on the big screen, first as a "Flight Attendant" in 2001's Donnie Darko, and then as a "Store Supervisor" in 2004's Down to the Bone.

Drew Barrymore is to thank for Jimmy Fallon's marriage

Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen have enjoyed a long, happy marriage since tying the knot in December 2007 in a romantic Caribbean wedding on Necker Island (via Access) — and it turns out they have one Drew Barrymore to thank for that.

The couple first met on the set of the 2005 rom-com Fever Pitch, which starred Barrymore and Fallon and was co-produced by (you guessed it) Barrymore and Juvonen. It's unclear exactly when Fallon and Juvonen began dating, but reports indicate that sparks flew when Barrymore threw a birthday party for her bestie and decided to invite Fallon. By August 2007, Fallon was getting down on one knee to propose to Juvonen, and the cute pair married just four months later.

Barrymore's connection to the Fallon clan runs deep to this very day, as their kiddos are now growing up to be friends. When the former child star stopped by The Tonight Show in 2014, the funnyman host couldn't resist showing off adorable photos of their children's play dates, gushing, "Our babies play with each other ... They're pals!" Aww!

Jimmy Fallon's wife ruined her own would-be proposal

After dating long distance — Jimmy Fallon was based in New York City while Nancy Juvonen lived on the West Coast — the comedian decided he was ready to pop the question ... but unbeknownst to the producer, she actually delayed her own proposal by a few months! 

As Fallon told People magazine's The Jess Cagle Interview in September 2018, he had the whole thing planned when Juvonen visited him one day in the Big Apple. However, she caught him off-guard with some unexpected dinner plans after she managed to score a reservation at the super-luxe Per Se restaurant, which overlooks Central Park. 

However, Fallon, who wanted the proposal to be "romantic and perfect," didn't exactly feel comfortable getting down on one knee in a public space. Explaining his trepidation, he said, "I didn't want to propose in Per Se because what if one year it moves locations and years later I'm going to have kids and go, 'Your mom and I got [engaged here]. I know it's a laser tag place but at one point it was a very fancy restaurant.'" Turns out this decision may have been for the best, because, as Fallon recalled, "Cut to 14 courses later, I was bombed out of my mind. Wine came with every course ... So I waited another three months."

Nancy Juvonen made Jimmy Fallon weep

Following Jimmy Fallon's initial foiled attempt to propose, the longtime Tonight Show host finally found the perfect opportunity to ask for Nancy Juvonen's hand in marriage a few months after their dinner date at Per Se: while vacationing at the bride-to-be's summer home on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire in August 2007. Luckily for the SNL alum, the second time was the charm and the proposal was almost perfect.

"I went out to the dock and said [to myself], 'Don't cry. Let her cry first,'" Fallon recalled in a 2018 interview with People's The Jess Cagle Interview. "I'm a pretty mushy guy ... and I just wanted it to be perfect." But unfortunately, his emotions didn't listen to his mind. "I got down on one knee and I immediately [started weeping]," the comedian revealed. "She's like, 'Are you having a stroke?' My face was like I was smelling burnt toast." Luckily, the tears didn't deter his future bride: "She said yes and we celebrated and it was fun. The rest is history."

Juvonen may have made Fallon weep, but the day was so special, the couple actually commemorated it when their first daughter was born in 2013. Telling the Today show why they chose the name Winnie Rose, Fallon said, "My wife and I got engaged in New Hampshire at this lake house that her family's had forever, and it's on Lake Winnipesaukee." We're not crying, you are!

Jimmy Fallon's wife's journey to motherhood was a difficult one

In July 2013, the Fallons took everyone by surprise when they announced that they had become parents! However, the couple's journey to parenthood wasn't without struggle and heartbreak. As Jimmy Fallon told Savannah Guthrie of the Today show around that time, there was good reason for their secrecy. 

Revealing that he and wife Nancy Juvonen welcomed daughter Winnie Rose via surrogate, Fallon said that her birth followed a five-year fertility struggle. "Anyone who's tried will know, it's just awful. We tried before, we told people and then it didn't happen. And it's just really depressing. It's really hard on everybody," Fallon said, adding, "We said, 'We're not going to tell anybody.' It'd be just more fun if it's just private between me and my wife. And then we get to introduce her to everybody." Fallon went on to share some encouraging words with anyone going through a similar struggle. "Just hang in there," he reassured viewers. "Try every avenue; try anything you can do, 'cause you'll get there. You'll end up with a family, and it's so worth it. It is the most 'worth it' thing. I'm just so happy right now. I'm freaking out."

In 2014, the Fallons surprised the world yet again when they revealed the birth of their second child via surrogate. "Frances Cole Fallon officially entered the world at 8:45 a.m. on December 3," their rep confirmed to E! News at the time.

Nancy Juvonen's dad's harrowing life story was shared on The Tonight Show

Nancy Juvonen's struggle to become a mom couldn't have been easy, but in April 2015, audiences of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon learned that she likely gets her unwavering spirit from her father.

As Fallon told viewers, William H. Juvonen survived a harrowing ordeal in 1961 while serving in the United States Marine Corps. "It was a training mission over the Mojave desert ... a special secret [location] called the Chocolate Mountains," Fallon recounted of his father-in-law's near-death experience, adding, "All of a sudden, his plane starts going out of control and to fix it he has to ... do this thing with one of his wings ... and it doesn't work, so all of a sudden he starts going into a tailspin." William had no option but to eject himself from the aircraft, and luckily, he survived to tell the tale. 

Fallon learned the details of this incredible story by fluke after stepping into a London shop the previous summer, where he was told about the Bremont Martin-Baker Special Edition MB1: a unique watch only sold to people who have survived being ejected from a specific airplane seat. After confirming with his wife that her dad had indeed been ejected from a Martin-Baker ejection seat, Fallon was able to purchase the timepiece on William's behalf and presented it to him on the show. Talk about winning major brownie points with your in-laws!

Jimmy Fallon's wife is occasionally his camerawoman

As the world began practicing social distancing in the face of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, late-night hosts like Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee, John Oliver, and more all tried to find creative ways to stay on the air while their shows were put on indefinite hold. Jimmy Fallon, for one, decided to broadcast right from his lavish house with a little help from his wife.

On March 17, 2020, Fallon uploaded his very first episode of The Tonight Show: At Home Edition to offer "some levity in these bizarre times." As he soon told viewers, the St. Patrick's Day episode was being filmed "in a room in my house; my camera operator is my wife." As Nancy Juvonen's voice greeted fans from behind the lens with a cheerful "Hi!", Fallon continued, "Hi, honey, thank you for doing this." Without a crowd to feed off of, Fallon had no choice but to try out his latest jokes on his real-life partner. Luckily for the comedian, Juvonen proved to be a wonderful audience, regularly chuckling at her famous husband's antics amid equally hilarious interruptions from their daughters and pup, Gary. 

We're assuming it won't be long till Fallon does a "Hashtags" bit for #LateNightFamilyGoals.

Nancy Juvonen's relationship advice is harsh but wise

Given her longtime marriage to Jimmy Fallon, Nancy Juvonen is certainly qualified to offer relationship advice. But as her BFF Drew Barrymore has learned, it's quite unforgiving. Speaking with Good Housekeeping (via Us Weekly) in 2016, the actress revealed that her business partner doesn't like to sugarcoat things ... like, ever.

"I'd go to her about relationship advice and I'd be like, 'I just don't understand why this keeps happening! I mean, this is exactly what happened last time. It's just like every single time,'" Barrymore told the mag. "She's like, 'I did notice that there's a common denominator problem in all of your relationships and I'd like to identify it right now.' And I'm like, 'What!? I've been waiting! Show me the light!' She's like, 'It's you.'" Ouch.

However, Juvonen's advice — as well as her personal mantra, "Happiness is a choice" — has changed Barrymore's life for the better. As she told Good Housekeeping, "I first loved Nan because she loved the word 'happiness' so much. But last year, I called her with tears in my eyes, going, 'Nan! I've finally figured it out! It's not the word 'happiness' that's so powerful. It's the word 'choice!'" Barrymore continued, "Happiness is not this yellow, blithe, floating thing. It's something that takes a tremendous amount of work ... You've got to fight for it. And only when you've got that kind of earned happiness is it really good."

Jimmy Fallon's wife's car turns heads for a surprising reason

Given that Nancy Juvonen's a successful Hollywood producer, you might expect her to cruise around in a flashy car — but while her ride does turn heads, it's not for the reason you'd think.

During a March 2020 episode of The Tonight Show: At Home Edition, Jimmy Fallon asked his wife to appear in front of the camera for a Q&A session. Playing double duty as camerawoman with a selfie stick, she was asked if her hubby is romantic. "I think you are!" Juvonen replied, before sharing the epic 50th birthday surprise she received from him, which started with 20 cassette tapes of her favorite albums. "I was like, 'That is the most thoughtful!'" she gushed, adding, "'You listened to me! All we want as women is to be heard!'" But that was just part one: "As I ran out to find the boombox [in the garage] to play my cassettes, my brother drove in the VW Bus — with the cassette player in the bus." Explaining why the Volkswagen Bus was so special to her, Juvonen said it was the car she "learned how to drive in and drove all the way through high school and college."

And it definitely gets them noticed. "More people stop us for that thing, they don't even care that it's me in the car," Fallon quipped. Rather than asking for autographs, they're keen to share their own VW Bus stories. As Juvonen conceded, "Those who it touches, it touches deeply."