What Jon And Kate Gosselin's Daughter Mady Is Doing Now

TLC's defunct show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, first premiered in 2007, when Jon and Kate Gosselin's twins, Mady and Cara, were just 7. Now the siblings are officially adults, and both attend college and live on campus. "College feels like a place to blend in,'" Mady said about moving on during a Kate Plus 8 special that aired in October 2019 (via the Daily Mail). "And I feel like we haven't had much of a chance to really, really blend in. I want to be just, like, somebody." She added, "I don't want everyone to know my name and my business. So, I feel like a big college is the way we want to go."

Staying true to her goal of blending in, Mady chose to attend a private university in New York after graduating from high school in 2019. She also regularly shares updates via her Instagram account, which she kicked off on her 18th birthday in October 2018.

As for how Mady is handling life outside of Kate's house? We reveal everything about the young adult's first experience with independence.

Mady Gosselin had a "challenging" year

Mady Gosselin endured many life changes in 2019, a sentiment she touched on in a New Year's Eve post. "2019: you were a bittersweet, stressful, challenging, crazy year. But you were also refreshing, wonderful, unpredictable & full of achievements I'm so proud of," she captioned a shot of herself. "It's all about balance, I guess :) Happy new year!! Here's to 2020 being cooler & crazier."

It's possible these trials and tribulations inspired Mady to strengthen the relationship she has with her mom, as a source explained to In Touch Weekly, "Kate [Gosselin] and Mady are on a lot better terms. Going away to college has actually made them closer." The insider added, "They love each other, but Mady wouldn't mind if her mom didn't comment on her social media posts, only because she wants her own identity. She doesn't want to be associated with the reality show and her parent's drama."

Speaking of drama, the college student still doesn't talk to dad Jon Gosselin as of October 2019. Jon told In Touch Weekly that, although he texts the twins on their birthday, he made a conscious decision to give them space after they complained about him in interviews. "You have to have your own relationships so you can understand what happens in relationships sometimes," he reasoned.

Mady has formed 'a new family' with her friends

Mady Gosselin may be trying to stay close with her mother, Kate Gosselin, while also keeping her distance from her dad, Jon Gosselin, however, there are other people in the college student's life who have helped her form "a new family," according to The Sun: her friends.

Mady and her twin sister, Cara, opted to go to different schools, however, In Touch noted that both had chosen colleges in New York. From the looks of Mady's Instagram post from Feb. 22, 2020, she's a student at Syracuse University, which is where she seems to have made some close friends. In a "game day" photo that she shared via social media, Mady can be seen posing alongside a pal with both of them sporting sweatshirts representing their home team.

In September 2019, Mady gave her followers a glimpse at herself and another friend attending what appears to be a music festival. In June of the same year, the former reality TV star shared a shot of her and a buddy smiling together while wearing matching shades and stripes. And then there's the image of Mady and a friend with the caption, "college besties for the win!!" Aw!

While it's easy to see how happy Mady is with her family of friends, it's also impossible to ignore how much older she's looking these days.

Mady looks so grown up these days

When the reality TV-loving world first met Mady Gosselin, she was a small child amongst a massive family. While she always managed to stand out thanks to her outgoing personality, she also charmed fans with the simple fact that she was so darn cute. Now, as a young adult who's moved out on her own and is seemingly enjoying her college experience, Mady is looking a lot more grown up.

Still sporting mid-length hair, Mady has gotten rid of the bangs she wore as a little one. She's also embraced make-up, jewelry, and a fashionable wardrobe, which make her look even more like the young lady that she is.

Need even more proof that Mady is all grown up? For her 18th birthday in 2018, Mady took to Instagram and shared a photo of herself and her twin sister, Cara. The image made it clear how much the girls, who are now women, have changed since we first met them as little ones. She even added the caption, "I'd like to think that adulthood suits us well so far." There's no denying that.

So what's next for Mady? Fans will just have to wait and see.