RHOA Star Eva Marcille's Home Has The Perfect Spot To Unwind

Despite all the negative gossip about her finances, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Eva Marcille bought a $780,000 home that is packed with perks in November 2019. According to the Blast, the 4,700-square-foot abode is located in Alpharetta, Ga., a suburb of Atlanta. It includes five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a butler's pantry, a massive kitchen, a sunroom, a retreat area, and 10-foot ceilings throughout. 

Marcille has shared pics and videos of the kitchen and baby Maverick's nursery, but in April 2020, she gave followers a glimpse of the cozy exterior too. The Bravoleb posted a picture of her husband, Michael Sterling, on Instagram. She said the photo was snapped by her daughter, Marley Rae. "Watching her grow as a budding photographer and artist has been absolute splendor. She took this picture today of her daddy while he was in his zone and she was in [hers]. I love my life I love my Sterlings." 

RHOA fans also love them some Sterlings, and for many followers, that picture-perfect moment carried a lot of weight, considering all the drama that preceded it. Marley's biological father is Marcille's ex, Kevin McCall, and according to the famous housewife, he's made it difficult to create a home sweet home. 

Eva Marcille says she moved because she fears her ex

According to the Blast, Eva Marcille is living with her husband, Michael Sterling, and kids, but the mortgage on their new home is reportedly in her name. There has been plenty of gossip among the housewives about Eva's supposedly shaky financials and potentially staged living arrangements, but the truth about her addresses may be far more serious than that.  

In an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Marcille opened up up about her allegedly abusive ex-husband, Kevin McCall, who is the biological father of her eldest child, Marley Rae. Marcille has referred to him as the "donor" on the show. "When it comes to Marley's donor, I have had to move five times, and I still feel a sense of uneasiness," she said, per Bravo. "I've walked outside on my balcony before, and he's been standing in the dark, and it is the scariest feeling ever." She added, "Every time I move, he finds me. Because of that, I live in multiple places. Safety is a priority for me."

In April 2019, McCall was arrested in Los Angeles and booked for one felony account of abusing a spouse or cohabitant, reported Page Six. In November 2019, he was arrested for assaulting a police officer at a custody hearing for Marley. Days after his release from jail, he began posting bizarre rants on social media about the police, his daughter, and his ex. He even threw shade at singer Chris Brown. 

Eva Marcille's ex, Kevin McCall, claims he's the victim

Kevin McCall has continued to speak out against his ex, Eva Marcille. In March 2020, after Marcille changed their daughter's last name to Sterling (her current husband's last name), McCall posted a rant on Instagram claiming she was harassing him and exploiting her relationships. 

"Why do people try so hard to prove they don't like their ex ... instead of ignoring them all together why does it have to be something with the ex in order for you to have support for slandering or bashing them..." McCall shared in an Instagram Story, per MSN. "My ex gotta find a better way to move on this ain't it." 

He also reportedly delivered a message aimed at Marcille's new man, Michael Sterling. Kevin said Sterling "may not even know he's being used so I give him the benefit of the doubt I don't hate Mike Sterling at all and I pray he Don't ever Give me a reason to."

Eva Marcille is moving on with a new man and a new house

Eva Marcille believes her ex, Kevin McCall, is mentally ill. "A regular dad would not be away from their child the entire time they were on this earth. They wouldn't be able to stomach it," she said during an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show. Marcille also claimed that McCall is estranged from his family and alleged that his mother and one of his sisters have restraining orders against him, per BET.

In 2017, McCall declared that he was disowning daughter Marley Rae after Marcille posted a photo of their child with her new man, Michael Sterling. "If you want [her] so bad, you can have her. I'm deleting all memories of her," McCall said in a since-deleted post on social media (via Newsweek).

In March 2020, McCall changes his tune on Instagram. "I feel therapy is needed for all 3 of us honestly," he said (via People). "We've let society, entertainment and media exploit our family problems instead of being solution based. Your family is under attack next. Pray and praise God in the midst."

It's unclear if Marcille would be open to therapy, but this rocky history explains why many RHOA fans were thrilled to see evidence of Marcille, Sterling, and Marley relaxing at home. One seemingly simple photograph could be a promising sign that life is finally calming down for this reality TV family.