This Was Kate Chastain's Biggest Regret Of Below Deck Season 7

All throughout Below Deck Season 7, deckhand Tanner Sterback had the hots for Kate Chastain, calling her "sexy" and constantly mentioning that he's into "older women" (via Decider).  However, his attempts to get with Kate didn't work out so he moved on to Simone Mashile. But just like most "boatmances," Tanner's fling with Simone burned out pretty quickly. After that, Kate contemplated hooking up with Tanner and even told him she was down for a "sleepover" on the boat. Although she wasn't at-all-receptive to his advances at the start of the charter season, she changed her mind for a couple of reasons. First off, she and Simone were at odds constantly. So, in Kate's eyes, any obligation to follow "girl code" just wasn't applicable.

And, most importantly, there really weren't any other choices. Brian de Saint Pern had a thing with Courtney Skippon, Captain Lee Rosbach is very happily married, and she and chef Kevin Dobson fought in the galley on day one. Not to mention, Ashton Pienaar screamed at Kate after a night out at the club. So Kate, who wanted to relieve some stress and have some fun, tried to hook up with the only option left — Tanner. However, every time she went into his room, he was passed out. 

Although Kate was frustrated at the time, it turns out she has since come to regret her advances. 

Tanner and Kate's relationship fell apart after filming

Once the season wrapped, Kate Chastain wasn't shy about sharing her true feelings about her failed hookup with Tanner Sterback. "My biggest regret of this season would be knocking on Tanner's door for a slumber party," she admitted to Bravo's The Daily Dish.

We're not exactly sure why Chastain feels this way, although it might have to do with Tanner and the other male crew members catching major heat for what many perceived as misogynistic behavior. Tanner, for instance, told the whole crew details about his hookup with Simon Mashile, which upset some viewers.

Still, the chief stew had nothing but great things to say about Tanner during the Below Deck After Show. She summed it up, "He's like super adorable. I think he's the most likable person on this crew actually." Again, that's not saying much since she got in contentious arguments with every other male on board, excluding Captain Lee Rosbach, of course.

However, Tanner didn't have kind words for Kate. "Once she sees a little weakness, she'll poke that button," he said during his appearance on the Below Deck After Show. "She's very manipulative." He added, "She's manipulative, but she's good at it. Then, all of a sudden, it makes you look stupid." 

Clearly, these two were never on the same page, during the charter season and after. C'est la vie.