Will Kirby: What The Winner Of Big Brother Season 2 Is Doing Now

After winning season 2 of Big Brother, Dr. Will Kirby is considered the best who ever played the game by many alums and fans. He won the cash prize after a whole season of purposely losing competitions with the intent to convince fellow contestants that he was not a "threat" to their game. Clearly, he's a smart guy, evidenced by both his reality TV strategy and his success as a dermatologist. He truly made his mark on Big Brother as a superior strategist. Starting in season 15, which aired in 2013, Kirby has hosted the Big Brother jury round table segment.

Kirby has managed to make the most of his Big Brother popularity and his medical knowledge with appearances on other TV shows. He was a cast member on Dr. 90210, showcasing his work with patients based in Beverly Hills. Kirby has shared his expertise and opinions on The Doctors. He even removed a regrettable tattoo for Tamra Judge's son Ryan Vieth on Real Housewives of Orange County last season. He also shares his medical opinions on talk shows and as the health and beauty reporter for Life & Style.

While he's remained in the public eye to advance his career, Dr. Kirby keeps his personal life out of the spotlight. While his wife Erin Brodie is a reality TV alum as well, she has a private Instagram. For anyone wondering, Brodie won For Love or Money in 2003, according to IMDb. TMZ confirmed that the couple has two kids. 

Will Kirby still practices medicine

While today's reality stars are expected to abandon their pre-TV careers for fame and paid social media posts, Will Kirby has actually used his notoriety to advance his medical success. He runs Kirby Dermatology in Los Angeles, Calif. The practice offers clinical and surgical dermatology procedures to treat skin cancer, hair loss, and acne, among other conditions. He also performs cosmetic procedures including injections, fillers, and peels.

In addition to his own practice, Kirby serves as the Chief Medical Officer for LaserAway, a company that offers aesthetic dermatology service all around the United States. Currently, he is leading LaserAway's PPE Challenge, an initiative encouraging plastic surgeons, dentists, dermatologists, and med spa employees to donate personal protective equipment to hospitals, fire departments, and police departments, i.e. the people on the frontlines during the coronavirus pandemic. In exchange for donating gloves and masks, LaserAway and Dr. Kirby will give shoutouts and endorsements to the facilities on their social media pages.

While Kirby's days manipulating Big Brother house guests are far behind him, he still uses that same charm to make a difference and help patients in need.