The Untold Truth Of Jedediah Bila

View alum Jedediah Bila is home recovering from the coronavirus and staying away from her place of work, Fox News, where she is the weekend co-host for Fox & Friends. Bila is the first Fox News personality to have tested positive for the coronavirus, per HuffPost. Bila shared the news in an April 2020 Instagram post, saying that she's on the mend and that her husband, Jeremy Scher, also tested positive for the virus. Fortunately, their infant son, Hartley, did not contract the illness.

In an even more recent photo, Bila updated fans with a picture of herself doing a home workout and captioned it, "Rediscover your strength" with several hashtags including, "quarantine" and "coronavirus."

We're relieved to hear that both Bila and Scher are recovering. So now that the couple is in the clear, let's take a minute to look at everything we know about Jedediah Bila.

What inspired Jedediah Bila to get into politics

Jedediah Bila grew up in an Italian family in Brooklyn, N.Y., per The Washington Times. Bila graduated Valedictorian of Wagner College, earning a bachelor's degree in Spanish with a minor in business, as the outlet noted. She then earned a master's degree from Columbia University, where she specialized in Spanish. Bila said of the experience, "The challenge of writing my college thesis and dozens of papers in Spanish is something I will always treasure. And every now and then, I wake up and start speaking in Spanish without realizing it, which is pretty cool."

Bila worked as a teacher and started writing political commentary in 2009, according to The Washington Times. She said that President Barack Obama's election inspired her to reach out to young people about politics. She said, "I wanted to remind them that it is conservatism—not liberalism—that is their ally. Conservatives seek to preserve their liberty, their choices, and their opportunity to reach great heights."

How did Jedediah Bila wind up on Fox News?

In an interview with the Fordham Political Review, Jedediah Bila discussed her journey into politics and news. While she was working as a teacher in New York City, she wrote a review for her blog on Mark Levin's book, Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto. Levin found her review online and read it while he was on-air, and later encouraged Sean Hannity from Fox News to reach out to Bila. She said the network called her one day when she was teaching and asked, "Do you want to be on The Sean Hannity show?" Bila said yes, and her career blew up from there.

According to Young America's Foundation, Bila joined the Fox News team in 2013 and before that, she had been a commentator on "MSNBC, CNBC, The Blaze" and talk radio all over the country.

Bila then joined ABC's The View as the sole conservative panelist in August 2016, according to ABC, but announced in September 2017 that she would be leaving the show. However, Bila clarified that she was leaving on good terms with her co-hosts.

Jedediah Bila would rather stay on TV than run for office

Jedediah Bila knows she has a great personality for television. In an interview with the Fordham Political Review, Bila was asked if she would ever run for office and she answered, "I really love the television business, but I love that I get to be kooky and crazy. I'm your crazy personality girl, and I wouldn't be able to do that if I were running for president." There's also proof that Bila is suited for TV, as her Twitter account reminds followers that she's been nominated twice for Emmy Awards.

While she's great on TV, Bila is also a published author. Her first book, Outnumbered: Chronicles of a Manhattan Conservative, came out in 2011. Her second book, #DoNotDisturb: How I Ghosted My Cell Phone to Take Back My Life, came out in 2018.

Bila married Jeremy Scher and, according to People, in November 2019 they welcomed their son, Hartley Luca.

All in all, it sounds like Jedediah Bila has done quite well for herself.