Here's How Much Johnny Orlando Is Really Worth

John Vincent "Johnny" Orlando is killing it in his career! The Canadian singer-songwriter and actor, who turned 19 in January 2020, won the MTV Europe Music Award for best Canadian act in November 2019.

Born in Ontario, Canada, Orlando first gained fame in 2011, when he launched his YouTube channel, JohnnyOsings. On his channel, he posted videos of him singing original tracks and covering pop songs by popular artists such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Shawn Mendes. Now that he's made it big, the singer is best known for his songs "What If," "Missing You" and "Everything," and "Day & Night" featuring Mackenzie Ziegler, 

He told Entertainment Tonight Canada that getting noticed for doing what he loves is "the best feeling in the world," but sometimes when he realizes how famous he's become, he just can't believe it. "It seems fake," he said. 

Well, that fame and fortune is very real. Let's take a closer look at how much Johnny Orlando is really worth.

Johnny Orlando's career boomed early

Johnny Orlando started sharing videos of himself singing when he was just 8 years old. As his YouTube subscribers and social media following ballooned, Orlando landed gigs in various commercials for Cadbury and Nutella. During an appearance on The Morning Show, the star recalled his very first YouTube video — a cover for Justin Bieber's "Mistletoe." At the time, Orlando was just a child and didn't really know what YouTube was. 

Orlando's following has since grown exponentially, as has his fame. He's garnered more than 200 million views on YouTube; released his debut EP, VXIIXI, in December 2015; and debuted a hit single called "Let Go" in June 2016. That track reached the top of the music charts and helped earn him a web star nomination at the Teen Choice Awards.

Johnny Orlando pours his 'fears and insecurities' into music

Johnny Orlando started off just like his idols Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes — on the internet — and just like them, he's come a long way. In March 2019, Orlando released his first EP, Teenage Fever. He told Entertainment Canada that most of the songs were inspired by things he's learned throughout his teenage years. One of his favorite tracks is "Phobias." He told AsiaLive365, "It's really just about my own fears and insecurities. This is the first song I've put out that I feel is really genuinely 'me'."  

Like many singers, Orlando has also dipped his toes in the movie industry. The star appeared in the short film Fading Light and worked as a voice actor for Wishenpoof and Spaced. He also did some acting in his music video for "Phobias," though he admitted to Tiger Beat that he didn't really cry on camera. He faked the emotion by putting eye drops in his eyes!

Johnny Orlando is creating music in quarantine

Johnny Orlando is enjoying every moment of his growing fame and fortune. He's reportedly worth an estimated $1.5 million. Of course, money isn't everything, but it has helped him embrace some amazing opportunities.

"I love getting to travel to new places all around the world and getting to meet my fans in person instead of just online," he told AsiaLive365. "Performing is one of my favorite things in the world so I feel pretty lucky to be in my position. Amsterdam was one of my favorite shows on my last tour, the crowd was SO loud it was such an insane feeling." 

He also admitted that he loves to hang out with friends and party. In fact, one of his favorite dance songs is "Life is Good" by Drake & Future. "It's pretty hard not to dance to that one," he said. 

When he's not performing or partying, Orlando spends his time creating music and — like the rest of us — eating snacks. Peanut butter toast and burgers are his go-to favorites, he told AsiaLive365. In April 2020, while self-isolating due to the coronavirus, he released the single, "See You." The music video shows the star lounging in bed, playing guitar, texting friends, and dancing. "The concept for the video is basically just a reflection of my life right now, trying to communicate with people through social media or FaceTime and doing whatever I can to stay connected in such an uncertain time," he said, per CBC