Elizabeth Hurley's Son Looks Exactly Like Her

If we know one thing, it's that Elizabeth Hurley is a surefire stunner. The British actress and model rose to fame in the '90s, becoming a pop-culture staple when she starred in late '90s/early '00s comedies such as Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and Bedazzled.

Though she enjoyed a successful career in the spotlight, Hurley had a difficult start to motherhood when she became pregnant in 2001. Prior to son Damian's birth, her ex, film producer Steve Bing, denied his paternity, claiming in a statement (via People) that the two were not in an "exclusive relationship" when Damian was conceived. Hurley, for her part, stated that she was "deeply distraught" over Bing's claims. She was later vindicated when a DNA test stated that Bing was, in fact, Damian's father.

Despite all of the drama, it's clear that Elizabeth and Damian Hurley share a close relationship. In fact, they share way more than that: The two are practically twins. Of all the lookalike familial pairs in Hollywood, Elizabeth Hurley and her son, Damian, are among the most striking. Let's take a closer look.

Elizabeth Hurley quit acting to raise her son

It's clear from Elizabeth and Damian Hurley's social media accounts that they share an incredibly close bond. In a Mother's Day Instagram post, Damian called her "the best mummy on the planet."

After Damian was born, Hurley temporarily left the acting profession in order to focus on raising her son by herself. "I stopped doing movies and TV for the first eight years of his life, and I don't regret it for a moment," she told Closer. "I always put him first."

"Being an only child of a single mother has meant that we have spent a great deal of time together," she told Hello! magazine in 2018. "I know he'll need to leave the nest at some stage, so I'm making the most of the time we still have."

The star also bestowed a bevy of famous godfathers on her son when he was born, choosing A-list celebrities with whom she shared close relationships. Damian's godfathers include actor Hugh Grant — with whom Hurley was in a romantic relationship for 13 years — as well as iconic musician Elton John and his husband, filmmaker David Furnish.

Damian Hurley is following in his mom's footsteps

In addition to sharing the same sparkling blue eyes and voluminous brunette hair, Damian Hurley is following his mother's footsteps in acting and modeling. 

The 6'1 star, who celebrated his 18th birthday in 2020, is signed to Tess Management, the same modeling agency as Elizabeth Hurley. He starred in his first campaign in 2019, modeling for Pat McGrath. In an image from the shoot, he wore a black leather jacket and let his long hair fly behind him, whirling around his face like a lion's wild mane. 

"He's very striking," modeling agent Jonathan Phang told the Daily Mail. "And his looks will only improve with age. He's got beautiful blue eyes and his mother's cheekbones." Phang added, "He looks exactly like her. I was at a wedding where he was a guest and he is mesmerising. I saw him in the distance and thought, 'My God,' what a striking young man."'

Damian also appeared on two seasons of The Royals on E! His mom starred as Queen Helena in the series, and he played the role of the Crown Prince of Liechtenstein. Damian apparently caught the acting bug while working on the show. "I felt really at home," he told the Today show during an interview with his mom. "I'm slightly hooked on [acting] now," he said. Elizabeth said she is "handing on the baton."

Damian and Elizabeth Hurley are #twinning hard

Elizabeth Hurley is known for her incredible looks, hence the modeling career and her longtime gig as the face for Estée Lauder. It seems that Damien Hurley has inherited not just his mom's beauty, but practically her exact face. The Hurleys always cause a stir when they share photos together on Instagram.  "No resemblance whatsoever," joked one of their followers on Instagram.

In a 2019 Christmas post on Damian's Instagram, the two are smiling side-by-side, wearing winter coats and matching black winter hats. Their azure eyes shine brightly, their bronzed skin glows, and their light brown hair frames their faces. It's practically impossible to tell mother and son apart, and fans in the comments took notice. "Who is who?!" wrote one follower. "Just a couple of stunners!" cried another. "Merry Christmas," added a fan. "You look like beautiful twins."