The Stunning Transformation Of Shanna Moakler

In mid-April 2020, model and former pageant winner Shanna Moakler shared before-and-after photos on Instagram that were taken a year apart. She used the opportunity to share her body transformation and talk about the story behind it. Along with the pictures, she admitted, "I was super unhappy, miserable and I was working out like an animal with no results for a couple reasons." 

Moakler broke down those reasons, claiming, "I had a doctor lie to me and give me hormones I didn't need which made me gain 40lbs." She also admitted to eating poorly because she "was in a completely unhealthy relationship." Moakler didn't mention the ex by name, but Daily Mail reported she'd been dating Bryan Sollima since 2014.

The former Meet the Barkers star gave credit to a nutritionist who helped get "the hormones out of [her] system" and created custom meal plans in relation to her bloodwork. But prior to that, Moakler told HollywoodLife, "I had a nutritionist who went under disguise as a doctor and she basically lied to me and told me I had the hormones of a 50-year-old woman when I was, I don't know, 42." That faulty nutritionist put her on testosterone pellets, even though she later found out her hormone levels were "completely normal and really healthy."

In the Instagram reveal, Moakler explained she started doing different workouts and "conquered [her] fear of weights." She emphasized there's "no easy fix" or "overnight" plan when it comes to losing weight and getting healthy.

Shanna Moakler is honest about her weight-loss journey

In addition to focusing on her nutrition and effective workouts, Shanna Moakler has been very honest about receiving a "mommy makeover" from a plastic surgeon to fix her muscles. In her April 2020 Instagram reveal, she wrote, it "was probably the best thing I ever did in my life!! I am so grateful for him and his staff!

This post wasn't the first time she has acknowledged her makeover. In December 2018, Moakler shared a photo five weeks after getting a tummy tuck. She emphasized that she was feeling "really happy" that she got the procedure done.

The Playboy alum told HollywoodLife that she would cry about "disappointed and embarrassed" she felt about her weight. She admitted to asking her now-ex-boyfriend and her daughter, "Why didn't you guys tell me that I had gotten so big?" Moakler confessed, "I felt fat, I felt unhealthy, I knew mentally and emotionally I was taking good care of myself and so in that moment in time I was like, 'That's it. I'm taking my life back.'"

In April 2020, Moakler recalled to Entertainment Tonight, "I remember filming my TV show, Growing Up Supermodel, and just being uncomfortable."And then when I saw myself on TV, not even recognizing myself, it was really hard to see." While she appears to be her own worst critic, that's not to say there was anything wrong with how she looked before — she's still stunning at any size.

Shanna Moakler received support from her exes about her transformation

While getting out of a difficult relationship with her most recent ex propelled Shanna Moakler to take control of her health, she's also been leaning on some other men from her past for support. In April 2020, Moakler told HollywoodLife, "I have not heard from my ex, my last ex, but I have heard from my children's dads." 

She has a 21-year-old daughter named Atiana with boxer Oscar De La Hoya, who she sued for $62.5 million in palimony. The Dancing With the Stars alum also has two kids with ex-husband Travis Barker, a 16-year-old son named Landon and a 14-year-old daughter named Alabama. Moakler shared that her two exes "said that they are really proud of me, and to 'keep up the good work.' That was really nice to hear."

Although she's getting support from her former flames, that hasn't deterred her interest in dating someone new. The former Bridalplasty host admitted to HollywoodLife that she's FaceTime dating during quarantine. She added, "I think [the weight loss has] helped me a lot in the world of dating because I can feel more confident about myself. Before, I didn't want to meet anybody. I didn't want to date. I didn't like myself. Now it gave me the confidence to kind of go back out there and meet someone new."

Shanna Moakler is grateful for fans' love and support

During her Entertainment Tonight interview, Shanna Moakler remarked, "I am actually really surprised how supportive everyone has been." She even shared that she receives letters every single day from people who relate to her recent struggles. She said, "I wanted to show [that] if you really stick to it you can and will change your life."

Moakler explained, "We all fall down in life, we all at some point will hit a wall and become overwhelmed. However, we all do possess the ability to take our power back and make daily changes to better ourselves." While she's happy to get support from others and hear that she's helped people by sharing her journey, she realized that happiness comes back to herself at the end of the day. She said, "I learned that no one else is responsible for my mental, emotional, and physical well being."

Moakler's recent transformation photos depict more than just weight loss. She has truly transformed her life in many facets and even inspired other people to do the same.