The Truth About Danielle Busby's Daily Diet

Eating healthy is tough at the best of times, but imagine being dedicated to a nutritious life when you're a mom of six! Well, Danielle Busby manages to do just that and even shares about her eating habits on her blog, It's a Buzz World. It's not just on her blog where fans can see what Danielle eats every day but also on TLC's OutDaughtered where viewers can watch Danielle and Adam run their bustling home, which seems to be centered around their kitchen!

Danielle's website, It's a Buzz World, boasts "America's only all female quintuplets" and documents the exciting journey of her family. As fans follow the trajectory of the Busby family, we also get to check out Danielle's recipes and they look totally delicious, super healthy and are clearly both kid and mom approved. But even better, the recipes look quick and easy, something that's no doubt imperative in a household of six growing kids.

Danielle Busby loves smoothies for this one, sneaky trick

Danielle Busby loves smoothies. Like, maybe more than anyone else we know. The busy mom has shared many posts about smoothies and says they're a great way to sneak some vegetables to her kids without them knowing it. In a post from 2019, Danielle shared with her Instagram followers that she always starts her day with an IDLife Protein Shake and custom morning vitamins made just for her. Granted, the post was sponsored content but that doesn't mean Danielle doesn't love the product!

We have more evidence that Danielle loves smoothies, though, because in a YouTube video, the active mom shares exactly how she makes her veggie-packed smoothies to get her little quints to drink it! Danielle shared that she loves making things where she can hide the veggies in the meal. Danielle put a ton of spinach in the blender and said she's even put carrots in there too. Of course, the smoothies were full of blueberries, bananas, and strawberries, but those are easy sells with little kids! She ended the video by saying, "This is how I'm going to get spinach in these kids for years to come."

Danielle Busby wins at creative lunch salads

Danielle Busby, mom of six on one of TLC's most popular shows, Outdaughtered, is dedicated to getting fresh fruits and vegetables to her kids. On her blog, It's a Buzz World, Danielle shared that she loves making salads for lunch. One in particular grabbed our attention and it was Danielle's cucumber watermelon salad. The ingredients are super simple, consisting of: cucumber, watermelon, and feta cheese topped with mint. Then the dressing is simply a spritz of fresh lime and a drizzle of honey. That's it! Sounds heavenly.

Fortunately, fans can also catch Danielle making this recipe in a YouTube video where she said of the salad: "Super simple, super easy, super yummy."

Danielle also loves Mexican-inspired meals and digs into taco bowls and taco soup, according to her blog. She even shared that she'll sneak vegetables into her quesadillas, so she is winning at the mom game.

Danielle also gets honest on her blog and shared that she can struggle sometimes with the constant amount of cooking that is required for a family of eight: "Cooking for a family of eight, is no joke. I feel like I cook for a cafeteria at least three times a day." She added: "I don't necessarily enjoy [cooking] as much anymore because I feel like I never get out of the kitchen." Fair enough!

Danielle Busby is a casserole fan

Danielle Busby is an avid casserole-maker because she knows they're easy and she can combine ingredients to make sure they're nutritious for her growing brood. On her blog, It's a Buzz World, Danielle has tons of different casserole recipes, ranging from a low carb choice with ham and cauliflower to an easy Mexican chicken casserole.

She shared that her love of casseroles comes from her grandmother and Danielle got inspired to come up with a one called: "What's in the pantry casserole?" Some of the most popular ingredients are: ground turkey, onions, cornbread mix, sour cream, and whole kettle corn. However, as the title suggests, the casserole can be made from pretty much anything.

Danielle also utilizes a crock pot for several of her meals which is brilliant because she doesn't have to monitor the progress of the meal every step of the way. She even makes chicken tacos in her crock pot!

Danielle certainly instills the message that cooking for a family of eight doesn't need to be complicated in order to be healthy. Her shared recipes are easy, nutritious and look super tasty, so those little girls are getting the best meals possible, with loads of veggies sneakily mixed in!