The Real Reason Fans Are Concerned About The OutDaughtered Kids

Fans of OutDaughtered surely love to watch the antics of the reality TV family that includes six girls — five of which happen to be quintuplets. However, the Busbys also have an arguably shady side and they've been known to make controversial decisions that occasionally stir up a scandal. For instance, Adam Busby, the children's father, faced backlash in April 2020 when some social media followers felt like he put his kids in danger.

Adam surely didn't expect to end up in trouble when he took to Instagram to post a photo of his wife, Danielle Busby, as well as three of his daughters riding on various kinds of bikes (or are those drift karts?). While making sure that the children enjoy some time outside while also getting some exercise, the little ones appeared to be quite happy, even if they made a bit of a spectacle. "You can imagine the stares that we get on evening rides down the street...," the girls' father captioned the seemingly sweet photo.

However, others saw a problem with the pic, which resulted in the Busbys being accused of putting their kids in danger.

Adam Busby denied that his kids were in 'life-threatening danger'

"Helmets?" That was the question one of Adam Busby's social media followers left on his Instagram post that showed his daughters (and wife) riding around without any protective gear on their heads, according to InTouch. Frankly, others were wondering the same thing. Granted, those who were concerned for the children may have a point. 

"Trauma to the brain can occur as a result of an impact, which can cause a concussion or open skull fracture, or a jarring motion, such as a quick turn or sudden stop," Rush University Medical Center explains on their website. In fact, "Even seemingly mild head injuries, where you don't lose consciousness, can cause permanent behavioral and cognitive problems, such as memory loss, inability to concentrate, sleep disorders and, in some cases, permanent disability or death." That certainly seems like a good reason to wear a helmet. However, Adam wasn't willing to put up with any potential parent-shaming in regard to the matter.

"If I thought my kids were in any sort of life-threatening danger [without helmets], they would be wearing them," Adam replied. In fact, the girls have been photographed wearing helmets in the past while posing on scooters, so this is apparently a rule that the parents do make their kids follow on occasion. Perhaps, just to be safe and to avoid any further backlash, they should make it a rule that they always follow.