What Jenna King Has Been Up To Since Leaving Southern Charm

Before Southern Charm was a monster hit on Bravo, it featured a cast of relatively unknown Charleston, S.C., residents, including Jenna King. The Season 1 star was a close friend of the show's creator, Whitney Sudler-Smith, and she also knew Cameran Eubanks, a current cast member, from when they were teenagers. Despite growing up in a rural area, the then-aspiring fashion designer was portrayed in a more worldly light than her co-stars, as she had lived in London, Los Angeles, New York City, and Miami before landing the show.

Another interesting thing of note about Jenna? Fellow cast members questioned how she could afford to live in a four-bedroom property in a pricey section of Charleston, as she didn't appear to have a steady income. "I've never really understood what Jenna does in the first place, so I don't know but she always makes it happen," Cameran said during an episode (via Us Weekly). "And she's always traveling to someplace fabulous on a private jet."

A local real estate professional later told the MailOnline that the home was allegedly rented out by Bravo for filming purposes. Hmm.

The drama about Jenna's financial stuff aside, many fans thought she was entertaining and a breath of fresh air, which is why there was some disappointment when she didn't return for Season 2. 

As for the former reality star's life post-filming? It appears Jenna has been up to a lot.

Jenna King is living it up in La La Land

Cameran Eubanks confirmed that Jenna King isn't living in South Carolina anymore, telling The Daily Dish, "She lives in L.A., but she comes back to South Carolina. Her mom still lives in South Carolina. But, yeah, she's awesome... She has been in L.A. for several years." And it looks like Jenna is having a ton of fun in her new home, sharing lots of pictures of her adventures around town and nights out. She also has switched out her pixie cut for long braids, which frequently change color.

Not only does Cameran still chat with Jenna from time to time, but so does Craig Conover. "We talk probably every four months," the reality star confirmed during an April 2020 Instagram Live session (via The Daily Dish). Craig noted that the former co-stars talk whenever Jenna sends him a congratulatory message about the show, adding, "She's great. I loved her to death. If I was in LA, I'd love to run into her."

It's unclear if Jenna is dating anyone, although she has confirmed she's a mom to two dogs. We guess we'll just have to wait and see how her love life plays out.

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