The Untold Truth Of Cady Groves

Music often holds the power to lift our spirits in times of despair, but for fans of singer-songwriter Cady Groves, each note hits a little lower now as they mourn the 30-year-old country music sensation. On May 3, 2020, Cady's brother Cody revealed via Twitter that the "Love Actually" singer "left this world." He explained that "details are limited right now but family is trying to get them and will keep people updated," unintentionally igniting rumors that Cady's mental health struggles led to her death.

As a result, Cady's PR firm Big Hassle Media quickly stepped in to clarify the situation (per the Tennessean): "Her death appears to be from natural causes, pending a final coroner's report. Foul play and self-harm have both been ruled out by the coroner."

Cody also took to Twitter again to clear up any confusion around the "cluster of twisted misinformation" across the internet. "The medical examiner has completed [an] autopsy and there was no indication of foul play or self harm. Simply put, Cady Groves died of natural causes," he explained. "She had some medical problems last fall and our best guess at this point until further testing is complete is that they had resurfaced."

He noted that Cady was "really looking forward to the next few months and release of her new album," despite any alarming social media posts. Which revelations had her fans concerned in the first place?

Cady Groves shared her mental health struggles on social media

Cady Groves launched her country music career in 2009 when she independently released her first EP, A Month of Sundays. In the decade since, the "This Little Girl" singer amassed an impressive fanbase, so when she decided to open up about her mental health issues amid the coronavirus lockdown, Cady took to social media.

"Kinda just starting to feel like we are all waking up every day looking out the window at the beginning of the world ending," Cady tweeted on April 14, 2020. "Clearly this has all got me feeling defeated."

She piggybacked on those thoughts a day later. "Some days my mental health is AWFUL. I feel completely alone and scared and far from everyone I love and all I can do is keep myself busy and push through," Cady added via Instagram. "Some days are better. I know that the way I feel isn't special because we are ALL living through this separately, but together. It's okay to be scared and to have days where you just cry and wear your hair in a bun and don't change out of your pajamas. But it's also okay to take it day by day-like I did today-and have hope. My heart is with you all."

While multiple sources reiterated that there was no foul play or self-harm involved, fans are still trying to make sense of this emerging talent's unexpected and untimely death.

Cady Groves' brothers died tragically young, too

Born the youngest of seven children, Cady Groves isn't the first of her siblings to die young. Her brothers, Casey and Kelly, also passed away in 2007 and 2014, respectively. Both were 28, and as Cady once told Arena, these tragedies shaped her life as an artist.

"One of my brothers was murdered six years ago, and my life stopped when that happened, and I spent five years of my life becoming a terrible person, not to other people, but to myself," the singer told Arena (via Express U.K.). "I didn't love me anymore, and I was just so sad. My other brother just died about a month ago, and when he died, it's so weird to say this, but it brought me back to life."

When friends at Kelly's funeral began to tell "crazy stories" about how he was "the funniest person they ever met in their entire life," Cady knew she had to change. "I want to be that person for other people. I want to be funny, and I want to tell people stories, and I want people to remember me [in that way]," she said to Arena (via Daily Wire).

We only wish Cady had more time to share her gifts with the world.