Rapper Nick Blixky Dead After Shooting In Brooklyn

It's with heavy hearts that we announce the death of 21-year-old rapper, Nick Blixky, after a fatal shooting in Brooklyn, New York. The rapper, who was born Nickalus Thompson, died in the evening of May 10, 2020, according to the New York Post.

Blixky was found in front of 200 Winthrop Street in Prospect Lefferts Gardens around 9:30 p.m. Police responded to a call claiming that there was an unresponsive male lying on the ground and, after arrival, police reported that there were gunshot wounds to his torso and buttocks, according to E! News.

Blixky was then rushed to Kings County Hospital by emergency medical services, according to E! News, where he was pronounced dead. According to the Daily Mail, Blixky was shot and killed only four blocks away from his home.

There was a video taken of the police's arrival, later shared on YouTube, which incorrectly claims that police shot Blixky, according to the New York Post. The YouTube video contains "unverified footage" according to Metro, which was "filmed after the shooting" and "shows two police cars stopped in the middle of an intersection with what appeared to be a body in the middle of the road."

Furthermore, police told E! News that no arrests have yet been made and an investigation is still ongoing. However, some of Blixky's friends and fans have a different theory for the unfortunate cause of death for the young rapper.

A member of Nick Blixky's team offers a statement

According to the New York Post, several witnesses who observed the police arriving on the scene after calls were made about an "unresponsive male" accidentally made false statements. Rapper Nick Blixky was fatally shot on May 10, 2020, in the area of Prospect Lefferts Gardens and some witnesses claimed that police were responsible. This, however, has been proven false by the New York Post.

According to the Daily Mail, Blixky had a criminal record which included "two arrests in 2018 for gun and drug possession." Police investigation is trying to determine if either of Blixky's arrests have anything to do with the May 10 shooting.

The investigation is ongoing and Crime Scene Unit police officers were busy gathering evidence at the scene, according to the New York Post. While witnesses were incorrect about the source of the shooting, they did offer other details. According to the New York Post, someone said: "He look like he dead," and added: "Seven times he got shot."

There was some other information shared, however, that could lead to more information to answer questions around his death. According to E! News, a member of his team shared a message with the news outlet: "This NY gang violence got to stop," the team member said. "These young men killing each other is out of control. The worst part about it is they celebrate about it when it's done. Like it's a party. It's so sad."

Nick Blixky's social media is flooded with condolences

Nick Blixky shared news about his mix tape on Instagram just hours before he died, according to CNN. He shared with his almost 43,000 Instagram followers that his first mix tape, Different Timin was set to debut next month. Blixky captioned his post: "JUNE 3RD‼️ I'm dropping my first Tape ever. LOCK IN THE DATE. DIFFERENT TIMIN."

The Instagram post is now flooded with comments saying, "Rest in Peace" and other comments saying, "This can't be real."

In fact, most of Blixky's Instagram posts are now flooded with condolences. One person commented on his photo from early March 2020, saying that haters "didn't want to see him succeed."

According to NBC, Blixky's Spotify profile claims that he started rapping with his crew, Blixky Crew, for fun. However, he later started to take rap more seriously after getting positive responses and grew a small following on YouTube.

In fact, according to E! News, Blixky appeared in several songs accessible on YouTube, most notably "Drive the Boat," which already had more than 170,000 views, and "Hurry."

Nick Blixky's brother shuts down false allegations

It's not just on Instagram where people are grieving the death of 21-year-old rapper, Nick Blixky. According to the New York Post, a young man "who identified himself as Blixky's brother, Nasir Fisher, mourned the rapper's death on Facebook."

Fisher, who also lives in Brooklyn, wrote several posts for Blixky and said, "Rest in peace to my brother." He also posted a comment, shutting down online speculation that pushed the idea that police killed Blixky. Fisher wrote: "Police didn't kill my brother." Fisher added, "Shut up let him Rest in Peace," in an attempt to shut down false speculation and detract from the reality of the situation.

According to Metro, fans on all social media platforms are shocked and horrified at the death of Blixky, who was so young and had such a promising career. Many have become emotional, according to the outlet, especially as the investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made.