The Real Reason Nobody Wants To Buy Michael Jordan's Chicago Mansion

Everyone might want to be like Mike, but apparently no one wants to buy Michael Jordan's Chicago mansion. It's actually pretty hilarious that the billionaire can't get the property off of his hands — it's been on the market for eight years and was originally listed for $29 million. It's now listed for $14.9 million, which is almost half price! Why does no one want M.J.'s massive home

According to Zillow, the 32,683-square-foot home is in Highland Park and comes complete with nine bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, a regulation-sized basketball court, an infinity pool, a putting green, a tennis court, and a cigar room, complete with poker tables. The Zillow listing claims Jordan's property has "every conceivable luxury amenity" and "is a physical monument to his tireless dedication and hard work." Case in point: There's a gate with his iconic No. 23 on it; the aforementioned basketball court includes his Air Jordan logo; and the gym is an immaculate testament to Jordan's athleticism. 

The place literally has everything — so why won't anyone buy it? The answer might be simple. 

This is why no one wants to buy Michael Jordan's house

It's been eight years and Michael Jordan still hasn't been able to unload his mansion in Chicago, and the price on it just keeps going down. So what gives? It's the definition of baller, no pun intended, and it would be kind of cool to live in His Airness' not-so-humble abode.

But maybe that's the rub. The house is so well known, with the 23-gate and all, and literally branded by Jordan. You'd have to struggle to really make it your own and that might not be worth it. It takes a certain kind of person who would move in, as is, and be okay with every nook and cranny reeking of Jordan's taste. Not that it's bad taste, but you'd probably have to either be a really big fan or be prepared to undertake some significant renovations. This is a house that say, another athlete or celeb should buy, just for the bragging rights. Bottom line: It's not for everyone. 

Michael Jordan kind of ruined the house

Michael Jordan's home is arguably a monument to his massive ego, which to be fair, is well-earned. Jordan is notoriously competitive and, well, he can be kind of a jerk. Take, for example, the legend that Jordan spits on food so that no one else can eat it. Last Dance director Jason Hehir said on his Jalen & Jacoby Aftershow that folks think that's why no one else got sick from eating pizza on the infamous night before the 1997 NBA Finals when Jordan got food poisoning. There's no way his friends didn't have a slice, unless, as suggested by Hehir, Jordan spit on the pie. There's another tale of Jordan spitting on cinnamon rolls, per Sports Illustrated

See? Jordan likes to mark his territory, and he outfitted his house to suit his each and every need and hobby. He essentially spit on a $29 million mansion. That's not a bad theory as to why no one will buy his home, right? 

Michael Jordan lives in Florida now

Michael Jordan's old mansion in Chicago is on the market, but he currently lives in Jupiter, Fla. His home there is equally massive and likely just as branded as his place in Highland Park. According to Echo Fine Properties, M.J. lives in the Bear's Club, an exclusive golf community created by famed golfer Jack Nicklaus, proving that Jordan's true love might just be the putting green. His home is surrounded by trees, so it's hard to get a look, but it sits on 3 acres of land and there are three structures aside from the home — a guard house, guest house, and pool house. 

The home reportedly has 11 bedrooms, an entire athletic "wing" with a basketball court and gym, and a cigar-friendly media room. He reportedly paid $4.8 million for the land and another $7.6 million for construction, which makes it the most expensive home in the Palm Beaches that's not facing the water. That could spell trouble if he tries selling this place. Who wants an expensive home in Florida that doesn't look out to the beach? (This man is so bad at real estate, it hurts.) 

At least the Chicago crib has a pool with an island, a door from the Playboy Mansion, and a complete set of Air Jordans that M.J. offered to throw in with the property, just in the name of getting someone to buy the darn thing, per Business Insider.