The Truth About Matthew Perry And Molly Hurwitz's Relationship

Matthew Perry may have co-starred on Friends, aka one of the most popular TV shows ever, but that success hasn't necessarily translated to a life full of sunshine and roses. Along with facing his fair share of tragedies throughout the years and dealing with the fact that Hollywood is reluctant to cast him these days (he doesn't get many job offers any more), the star hasn't had the most successful love life. However, his luck seemingly changed when he met talent manager Molly Hurwitz, who is 20 years his junior, according to Us Weekly.

In Touch notes that Hurwitz was first spotted with Perry in December 2019, and the following month, reports connected them as a couple. "Molly is a fun and quirky girl. She's not a hard partier and has been a good influence on him," a source told In Touch. "She's been his rock in recent months."

Hurwitz herself went (kind of) public with the relationship in February 2020, while also revealing that the two had been together for much longer than fans might have suspected. "Second year being my Valentine, but his first as an Instagram influencer," she apparently wrote on her private Instagram account, referring to the fact that he had joined the social media network not long before, per People. "HVD to my favorite."

Although things seemed to be going well for the duo during the early months of 2020, they had apparently broken up by May 2020.

Matthew Perry and Molly Hurwitz's split was reportedly amicable

When Matthew Perry and Molly Hurwitz seemed to click, his friends were apparently hoping that he'd found his happily-ever-after. "His inner circle have wanted to see him settle down for a long time, especially [former Friends co-star] Courteney Cox, and they hope him and Molly go the distance," a source told Us Weekly in February 2020. They certainly had reason to be optimistic as Hurwitz had "been spending more and more time at his [place]" despite having "her own apartment."

However, on May 2, 2020, news broke that the couple had parted ways after two years of dating. "It happened very recently," a source told In Touch. "It was very amicable, but they have both decided to go their separate ways."

Although the actor hasn't spoken out about the split, he did take to social media on April 19, 2020, to ask his Instagram followers, "Why is today especially hard???" 

Granted, we don't know whether or not he was dwelling on his failed relationship, however, his fans were sure to respond with very Chandler Bing-ish comments, like, "I'm not good at advice... can I help u with [a] sarcastic comment?" Could that be any more appropriate?!