The Truth Behind Whitney Thore's Split With Fiance

My Big Fat Fabulous Life's Whitney Thore took to Instagram on May 21, 2020, to announce she and her fiance, Chase Severino, ended their engagement. The surprising turn of events came less than a year after Chase proposed to Whitney during a visit to the Eiffel Tower. "Chase and I got engaged on October 9th in Paris and I'm quite possibly the happiest woman alive," she captioned a December 2019 post, which has since been deleted (per E! News). "It has been REAL hard to keep this a secret!"

Whitney originally met Chase through her business partner, Ryan Andreas, after moving from Greensboro, N.C., to Charlotte, N.C. The fitness enthusiast had hoped to start a family with him, as she has wanted children for a long time. The problem? Chase didn't seem so thrilled about the idea, and this disagreement caused a few fights between them. "I don't have any time," Whitney, who is seven years older than Chase, complained to her mom during an episode of MBFFL.

Unfortunately, the topic of having kids would come back to haunt Whitney and Chase's relationship in a shocking way. Keep reading to discover the truth behind Whitney Thore's split with her former fiance, Chase Severino.

Chase Severino is expecting a child with another woman

In a twist many fans didn't see coming, Whitney Thore announced that her engagement ended because Chase Severino is expecting a child in October 2020 with another woman. "After experiencing a lot of ups and downs and still living apart, Chase reconnected with a woman with whom he has had a long history," she wrote. "Chase recently told me this information and the fact that it had resulted in a pregnancy. Chase will be a father in October." Say what?!

FYI — Chase lives in Wilmington, N.C., and the city is about a four-hour drive away from Whitney's home in Charlotte, N.C.

Whitney took the high road in her reveal, adding, "I'm not interested in anything hateful being directed toward anyone. I would ask for privacy for all involved as we move on and focus on the future."

The reality star's ex also took to Instagram to address the issue, writing, "I have nothing but love and respect for Whitney and our time together. Thank you for always supporting us. As we now go our separate ways, I ask for privacy for Whitney, myself, and the mother of my child who wishes to remain anonymous."

All we can say is wow.

Was Whitney Thore and Chase Severino's relationship faked for the show?

We have to address the elephant in the room regarding whether Whitney Thore and Chase Severino's relationship was faked for reality TV. Fans suspected this possibility when Season 7 was airing, as the relationship seemed to come out of nowhere and felt forced. 

"So many people knew this was a fake relationship from the beginning and have just been waiting for them to break up," user CherrryTreeLane wrote in the My Big Fat Fabulous Life Reddit forum. "It was a pathetic attempt to keep the show around when it was glaringly obvious he didn't care about her at all and was just there for a paycheck." Cold_Brew_Enthusiast said, "I personally think there were elements of that which were real, and I don't think Whitney was in on Chase's deception." They added in reference to Whitney's business partner, Ryan, "I think if it was fake, it was fake because he and Ryan came on the scene to exploit her fame."

What's more? Instagrammer @90DayFiance_etc claimed the story was fake from the get-go. "There was no need for the fraud. We were enjoying watching her dance and live her life," they wrote. We knew that some of the storylines were produced but we could overlook it ... For those of you who think they just broke up organically, you're wrong. This was a fake story that I broke in mid-April after getting a DM from a very reliable source."