The Real Reason We Never Hear About Sandra Bullock's Kids

Sandra Bullock is an A-list Oscar-winner who's headlined more than her fair share of successful movies and has a face almost anyone could recognize. But when it comes to her two kids, Louis and Laila, mum's the word. Bullock adopted both of her children in secret and has steadfastly worked to maintain her children's privacy. Unless she wants you to, you never really hear about Sandra Bullock's little ones. Here's why. 

Hollywood sidestep

Despite being a household name and a bona fide movie star, Sandra Bullock has never been a true Hollywood diva. She isn't often seen frequenting Hollywood hotspots for exposure and seems to consciously sidestep the gossip rag sideshow that comes with fame for so many others. When she first adopted Louis, in fact, Bullock maintained a home in Austin, a cool, hip city far away from Tinsel Town. She commuted between Austin and L.A. for years when duty called. That distance helped keep her kids away from the glare of the paparazzi's flashbulbs, so they could grow up with a bit of normalcy, and she was able to keep her work and personal lives completely separate. In fact, her kids don't even really know what she does for a living yet, even when she's starring in movies they're bound to watch, like when she provided a voice for Minions.

Even before she became a mother, Bullock's persona and profile were relatively low-key. She always showed up for work and red carpets, of course, but Sandy became America's Sweetheart by being real and relatable.

Time of tumult

When Bullock first welcomed Louis into her family, it was a terrible time in the actress' life. In 2010, she, along the rest of world, learned of her then-husband Jesse James' infidelity shortly after she won her Academy Award for Best Actress in The Blind Side. The messy news became public smack dab in the middle of the couple's adoption process.

Even though her marriage was crumbling, Bullock proceeded with the adoption anyway and decided to raise Louis as a single parent. And while one aspect of her personal life was receiving so much unwanted attention, her newfound status as a mother was kept completely under wraps until she revealed it herself. Ultimately, Bullock's divorce drama may have taught her how to protect her kids at all costs. That was a trend that continued when she adopted Laila, which nobody knew about until months after the fact

Snap shutout

Sandra Bullock can't be found on any social media platforms, and part of the reason you won't see her kiddos' birthday parties in your Instagram feed is that she's committed to keeping their private lives, well, private. In fact, the only reason she revealed pictures of little Laila on the cover of People in 2015 was that the paparazzi threatened to expose her second adoption by snapping them in an unexpected moment. She told the magazine:

"You feel it's very much like witness protection ... Unbeknownst to me, a photographer had followed us and took a photo of us in line. The next day, I learned that a photo of her was being shopped around for sale to every outlet around the world. I had promised and legally agreed to protect her from something like this, and here I was chasing down lawyers — having them begging to keep her safe."

More legos, more problems

Right now, Louis and Laila are both still just a pair of tiny tykes, which means they've got bigger problems of their own to worry about than taking the perfect selfie for their fans — things like dealing with first loves and who gets the biggest stack of Legos between them.

Just a taste

Another way Bullock manages to keep unwanted attention away from her children is by sharing a few key details here and there about their development so as to satisfy the curiosity of outsiders. Just as an apple a day keeps the doctor away, a nugget of news every now and again keeps the paparazzi at bay.

Mama Bear

Rather than overexpose her kids, Bullock is one protective grizzly mama, a role that suits her perfectly. She also told Glamour that, while she tries to drown out the chatter and gossip, it does get to her. But she won't stand for her kids being targets. She stated (via Just Jared):

"As much as I profess to being able to shut it out, there are times I can't, like when it's hurtful to people I care about. Me, I get it. But when it hurts other people? Like, you come after my son, I'm gonna go postal. But they do."

All the facts point to Bullock doing Hollywood parenting the right way.