The Real Reason You Recognize Chloe From Lucifer

Actor Lauren German has starred as Detective Chloe Decker on Netflix's series, Lucifer, since 2016. German's character is a homicide detective who is "immune to the powers persuasion" of Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), aka the Devil, per the Daily Express. Spoiler alert: By the end of Season 4, Lucifer and Detective Decker have fallen in love with one another, a very complicated situation considering Lucifer is the devil and all. Making matters even trickier? "Father Kinley (Graham McTavish) had warned Lucifer that once he meets his first love, hell on earth would be released," as the Daily Express noted.

German's work on the show has made her a fan favorite with those who appreciate all things supernatural, and many viewers rallied to save Lucifer after it was canceled by Fox in 2018. "We had women coming up in tears, saying 'I love your show. I sit down and I watch Lucifer and the problems with the family or the issues with my kids, whatever, it just ... who knew a show about the Devil would brighten my day and be my one shining light," she told about the outpouring of support.

Although Lucifer has transformed German into a widely recognizable star, her career in Hollywood started long before the show.

Lauren German had a lead role on 'Chicago Fire'

In Seasons 1 and 2 of NBC's Chicago Fire, Lauren German played Leslie Shay, a paramedic in Ambulance 61 at Firehouse 51, per Cinema Blend. Although Leslie was a beloved character in the series, she was killed at the end of Season 2 by a man who had been stalking her, Adrian Gish (Robert Knepper). "We knew if we were going to do it, it had to be someone who was going to give us a big impact, as opposed to going for a lesser-known character, which would equate to a pulled punch," executive producer Matt Olmstead told TV Line about the decision. "So, as opposed to approaching it with timidity, we thought we'd go for it."

As for German's reaction to her character's demise? "There was some discussion that this might be happening, and she was very professional about it. She joked that she wasn't going to miss the Chicago winters. She's a California girl," Olmstead said about German, who was born in Huntington Beach. "So it was nice to know she was able to joke about it a little bit. My experience, having done this a couple times, is you're expecting the worst and then you're relieved [by] the professionalism and the graciousness of the actor."

In addition to Chicago Fire, the actor has had roles on Hawaii 5-0, A Walk to Remember, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, to name a few projects.