The Real Reason You Recognize Maggie From FBI

Many fans probably recognize actor Missy Peregrym from her role as Agent Maggie Bell on FBI, a television series created by Dick Wolf that premiered on CBS in 2018. Maggie is the widow of Jason, a Wall Street Journal investigative reporter, and was based in Indiana before relocating to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's field office in New York City. Her partner is O.A. Zidan (Zeeko Zaki), and the duo takes on "intense problems and situations for work, all while having each other's backs in their personal lives," as Global News noted.

Peregrym and her husband, Tom Oakley, welcomed a son together in March 2020. This happy development affected the Montreal native's role on the show, as her character (spoiler alert) accepted a job offer from the Assistant Director in Charge, a role that will take her away from the NYC office. "He didn't give me all the details, but he said it's a pretty big case," Maggie tells O.A. in "Broken promises," per TV Insider. "Guess I fit the profile they're looking for. Said it could be good for my career."

So will Maggie return to her old job in Season 3? As we wait for the answer, let's reveal the real reason you recognize Maggie from FBI.

Missy Peregrym's breakout role was on 'Rookie Blue'

Before Missy Peregrym joined FBI in 2018, she had a starring role on ABC's Rookie Blue. Peregrym played Andy McNally from 2010 to 2015 and the role helped transform her career, as she explained to Playback, "I was sold and it's all I wanted to do so badly." 

Peregrym talked to Parade in May 2019 about the comparisons between FBI and Rookie Blue, explaining to the outlet, "It doesn't feel that different for me procedurally. What feels different is that I'm not a rookie. I'm somebody who has already had those years and it's interesting." She added, "It feels like a very easy transition for me, because I'm not a rookie when it comes to doing a police procedural. Rookie Blue was my first show as a lead and that was a lot to take on and learn, so it's a bit different."

Comparisons aside, there isn't any doubt that Rookie Blue holds a special place in Peregrym's heart. "I spent a significant amount of my life on this show, and it's been worth every second," she told The Hollywood Reporter in September 2015. "It's an end that really is something to celebrate. Even though there's grief there, and I have to face that this inevitably is going to end at some point, I have to celebrate to have had this opportunity. No matter what happens, it's always been a win."