Inside Katie Lee's Relationship With Her Husband Ryan Biegel

Katie Lee has quite the résumé — author, cohost of The Kitchen on Food Network, and star of Beach Bites with Katie Lee on the Cooking Channel.

However, Lee first became famous when she started dating musician Billy Joel in 2003 after they met at the Peninsula Hotel in New York. Lee — who was still in college at Miami University in Ohio at the time — and her friend bumped into Joel outside of the bathroom and the three of them went on to have a drink at the bar, New York Magazine reported. Surprisingly, Lee "didn't know much of Billy's music." She recalled, "After we met, I went out and bought his Greatest Hits because I thought I should know what he did."

Lee and Joel married in 2004, but split after five years of marriage. "Being with someone so famous is an adjustment," she admitted to New York Magazine in 2009. "I'm the first person to say having that last name helped me get a foot in the door, but I feel like I can stand on my own two feet working toward my dreams."

Following the breakup, she confessed she was "not ready" to date yet, but as luck would have it, Lee ended up falling for Ryan Biegel years later. The two got engaged and married in 2018. Now, Lee and Biegel are expecting their first child together in September 2020. So, how did the two meet? Let's take a look below.

How Katie Lee and Ryan Biegel crossed paths

Katie Lee met Ryan Biegel on the set of her show, Beach Bites with Katie Lee, in 2016, and it seems like the television personality was smitten right away. "Ryan had signed on to be a producer for my first season of Beach Bites," Lee recalled to Vogue. "All I remember thinking was, 'Wow, that guy is handsome.'"

Soon enough, Lee and Biegel were traveling all over — from Florida to St. Barths — and catching feelings for one another. One night in Punta Mita, Mexico, the crew enjoyed cocktails on the beach but "one by one, they peeled off," she told Vogue. "Just the two of us were left. We talked for hours about our travels and how much we both loved food."

These days, the couple isn't shy about posting their delicious meals all over Instagram. From homemade scallion pancakes to cacio e pepe, Lee and Biegel are clearly eating well.

Inside Ryan Biegel's 'romantic' proposal

In March 2018, Ryan Biegel and Katie Lee took a trip to Paris, where she was hoping he would pop the question. "We were going out to dinner to one of my favorite restaurants, and I thought that it was coming," she told People that August. "We're on the trip, like I kind of thought, 'Listen, we're in Paris, and we're taking the Orient Express to Venice. If he doesn't propose on this trip, he'll really miss a great opportunity."

Luckily, Biegel proposed to Lee in Paris at La Réserve hotel. "It was time to leave for dinner, and he said, 'Do you have everything?'" she told Vogue. "I said yes, and he said, 'No, I think you are missing one thing.' Biegel got down on one knee and presented Lee with a beautiful vintage ring from Fred Leighton. "We toasted that night with roast chicken and duck fat potatoes," she said.

After Biegel got down on one knee, Lee took to Instagram to announce the exciting news to her followers. "I said yes," she captioned a photo of herself showing off her new bling and new fiancé. "It was very romantic," Lee gushed to People about their special night in the City of Light.

Katie Lee and Ryan Biegel's magical wedding day

Katie Lee and Ryan Biegel got married in Italy in September 2018, and it looked like it was straight out of a fairy-tale. The couple chose Lo Scoglio da Tommaso in Marina del Cantone, since "it was the place where we really fell in love with each other," Lee told People. "And we love the family that owns Lo Scolgio. They've become kind of like our Italian family. When we were thinking about getting married, this was really the place that felt like it was right for us."

The day was filled with several emotional moments, including when Lee saw her husband-to-be for the first time before the ceremony. "I looked out at him and I could feel my eyes well up with tears," she recalled to People. "I just took a moment and stood there and looked at him and soaked it in. I was just so happy."

Of course, with Biegel and Lee both being in the food business, the menu was vital to them. At the event, guests indulged in vegetables and pasta, which was served with local wines. "Everything was local, fresh, farm-raised and absolutely delicious," Lee raved. The pair chose a lemon sponge cake called delizia al limone, and later on, everyone enjoyed a Limoncello and vodka cocktail to "really get the party going."

Katie Lee and Ryan Biegel's struggle to conceive

Despite being in a happy relationship, Katie Lee got personal with her fans on Instagram and revealed she and husband Ryan Biegel were having trouble conceiving. "When Ryan and I got married, our plan was to start a family right away," she wrote in April 2019. "I couldn't wait to get pregnant! I naively thought it would be easy."

Unfortunately, Lee realized it might take some time to have a child, so they tried IVF, per her doctor's recommendation. "It is really hard to put on a happy face," she admitted. "Fertility issues are supported to be private. So many of us are silently in pain."

However, the chef remained hopeful and positive about the future. "I know a family will happen for us, it is just going to be a different journey than we imagined," she wrote. "We will keep working towards it."

Fortunately, things worked out for the couple, and Lee revealed via Instagram that she is expecting baby No. 1. "Eating for two. Baby Biegel is on the way!" she wrote in February 2020. Two months later, she shared they are having a baby girl, per People. We can't wait to see Lee and Biegel's relationship continue to flourish.