Amber Rose Looks Nothing Like She Used To

For years, model and former talk show host Amber Rose was best known as the platinum blonde bombshell with the shaved head. In fact, she was so out of the trendy haircut game that she once told the New York Post, "I don't even know how girls deal with hair." But lately, Rose has been experimenting with drastically different looks, trying on wigs and playing with her makeup in ways that make her appear like a totally new woman. Her rapidly changing hairstyles have been making fans' heads spin — and who could blame them for their confusion? Were she not posting her new styles directly to social media and hosting The Amber Rose Show on VH1 at the time, we probably wouldn't have recognized her!

Keep reading to take a peek into Rose's past (when she rocked cute side bangs) and to discover all of her most dramatic transformations. But be warned: Your jaw will drop. 

'Young Ambs'

It's pretty obvious that Rose was destined for a modeling career. Check out this throwback she shared on Instagram. Captioning the image, "Young Ambs," her side-swept bangs and daisy polo scream old school, but that sultry gaze is still a staple Rose pose.

The first impulsive shave

In another Instagram throwback, Rose revealed her first shorn scalp at age 18. According to a 2012 interview in the New York Post, Rose "cried for a few days" after that impulsive buzz, "until I realized it looked dope. Sinead O'Connor was a bald-headed badass and I loved her." A teenage Rose had no idea that close-cropped look would catapult her to fame and fortune.

Who framed Amber Rose?

In April 2015, Rose shared this selfie on her Instagram, asking followers, "U like?" Her new 'do was long, straight, and bright red—definitely something her fans hadn't seen before. Rose called that look the Jessica Rabbit.

Pin-up girl

Amber Rose transformed into a pin-up girl in July 2016, posting pics on Instagram from the set of her show. The coif is perfection, a blonde wavy bob of dreams that Page Six compared to Aubrey O'Day, the on-again-off-again girlfriend of Jersey Shore star Pauly D.

Super model

In early August 2016, Rose threw her Instagram followers for a loop with this killer concoction that stylist Tony Medina dubbed "#90sSuperModel." Question: how does Rose pass through security screenings with all these alter egos?

The Head-turner

Amber Rose is keeping her fans reeling with her shifting styles. When she debuted luxurious braids on Instagram in August 2016, Stylecaster said her 'do "may have just knocked the Earth off its axis." Not to be outdone, her son, Sebastian, also took a turn in his mommy's wig. We can't wait to witness her next trick with the tresses, though we do hope the iconic blonde buzz cut resurfaces from time to time.