The Untold Truth Of Donald Trump's Niece

Talk about a family feud! Donald Trump's niece, Mary Trump, has written a tell-all book about her famous uncle called Too Much and Never Enough. The book reportedly discusses Donald's treatment of her father and his brother, Fred Trump Jr., who died of alcoholism in 1981, per The Daily Beast.

This isn't the first time that Mary has spilled family secrets. The Daily Beast also reported that she was the primary source in tipping off The New York Times about her uncle's "fraudulent tax schemes." The 2018 investigation, which ultimately wound up winning a Pulitzer Prize, was made possible because Mary brought "highly confidential family financial documentation" to the outlet.

This upcoming book marks the first time a Trump family member has written a tell-all, according to The Daily Mail. It's a big moment, and curiosity about Mary is sure to hit an all-time high. Here's everything we know about Mary Trump, Donald Trump's bold niece.

Mary Trump's father didn't fit in with the family

So where does Mary Trump fit into the family? If you need a review of the Trump family tree, we've got you covered. Donald Trump is one of five kids, with three older siblings, Maryanne, Fred Jr., and Elizabeth, followed by a younger brother, Robert, according to BBC News.

Donald Trump's father, Fred Trump Sr., was born in New York in 1905, and "made his fortune by building affordable housing for middle-income families along the US east coast during and after World War Two," per BBC News. He married a Scottish immigrant, Mary Anne MacLeod, and together they had their five children.

Mary Trump, the author of Too Much and Never Enough, was the daughter of Fred Jr., who died of alcoholism in 1981 when he was 42 years old, per The Daily Beast. Donald actually spoke about Fred's untimely death in an interview with The Washington Post in 2019, where he spoke about the pressure he and their father put on Fred Jr. to participate in the family business. Unlike his business-minded family, Fred Jr. wanted to work as a pilot — but Donald and Fred Sr. didn't approve of this. 

Donald said of Fred Jr., "It was just not his thing...  I think the mistake that we made was we assumed that everybody would like it. That would be the biggest mistake... There was sort of a double pressure put on him."

The real reason Mary Trump hates her uncle

Fred Trump Jr. had a son, Fred the 3rd, and a daughter, Mary. When Fred Trump Sr. died, a nasty court case broke out between Mary and Fred the 3rd against their aunts and uncles, with Donald Trump at the center.

By the time of Fred Sr.'s death, Fred Jr. had already passed. In his will, Fred Sr. left the bulk of his fortune (from $100-$300 million) to be divided among his four living children, Donald, Robert, Maryanne, and Elizabeth, according to the New York Daily News. Meanwhile, each Trump grandchild reportedly received $200,000. 

Although the will granted both Fred the 3rd and Mary a share as grandchildren, they were effectively short-changed, since their late father — and the larger share he would have received had he been alive — wasn't included in the will. To make matters worse, the remaining Trump children also reportedly terminated medical coverage for Fred the 3rd and Mary. Per the Daily News, this seemed especially cruel since Fred the 3rd's son, William, was born with a "rare neurological disorder" that required constant medical attention.

According to the Daily News, Mary spoke up about the will in 2000: "My aunt and uncles should be ashamed of themselves. I'm sure they are not." 

Mary Trump bashed Donald Trump on Twitter

While Mary Trump was left out of the family will, she has gone on to make a remarkable life for herself. She has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, according to The Daily Beast. She lives in New York, and her Twitter profile has the Black Lives Matter hashtag, a rainbow flag, and her preferred pronouns: "she/her/hers."

Mary has long made her stance on Uncle Donald Trump's presidency clear. When Donald Trump became president, someone tweeted in 2016: "How is that even possible???" Mary responded: "Because most Americans are hateful, selfish people who care about nothing outside of their own narrow interests. Devastating."

Mary is the CEO of The Trump Coaching Group in New York, according to Heavy. The website says that the company provides a "highly individualized wellness program so you can efficiently and effectively reach your goals by integrating the best nutrition, exercise and fitness, and mindfulness strategies in your day-to-day life." According to Fixr, a session at The Trump Coaching Group ranges from $200-$500.

While Mary has her day job as a life coach, she can now add "published author" to her resume — and her book is surely going to rock the American political world.