This Is What Bachelor Star Demi Burnett Actually Does For A Living

Back in the beginnings of Bachelor Nation, contestants and leads often had legit, real jobs before they came on the show. Now, most contestants use the hit dating series to launch careers of their own as influencers on social media and one of the best examples of that is Demi Burnett. Demi, a contestant on Colton Underwood's season in 2019, hailed from Texas and her ABC bio initially stated that the star was an interior designer, but there was never any real indication that that's what she does for a living. 

Like, at all. In fact, Reality Steve initially had her profession listed as a model and an actress, and there's evidence to back that up as she wrote said in one of her "fun facts" on her now-deleted ABC bio that "one item on her bucket list is to be the first petite Victoria's Secret Angel — with an entourage known as the 'Demi Angels.'" She also still has a profile on ExploreTalent where models and actresses can look for work. See? Nothing about interior design. 

Demi Burnett doesn't remember signing up for 'The Bachelor'

That's sort of Demi Burnett's charm, to be completely honest. She doesn't really seem to care what people think of her and she's never really tried to pretend to be an interior designer. Maybe that was her backup plan! Instead, Demi made a name for herself on Colton Underwood's Bachelor season for being her hilarious and flirty self, and since then, she's become one of the most recognizable voices and faces in Bachelor Nation. That means that now she makes money through sponsored posts on Instagram and other appearances, which is a pretty good gig if you can get it, right? 

Some may suggest that that means Demi wasn't on The Bachelor for the right reasons, but she barely even remembers why she signed on in the first place. She told Glamour back in 2019 after Colton sent her home, "I think me and my girlfriends were having wine one night, and we got on [the site]. I didn't think anything would ever come of it, but it did. So that was very exciting." See? Maybe that was when her dreams of interior design were thwarted for the name of love and spon-con.

Now, Demi even brings her signature personality to her own podcast called Big Demi Energy. As the description states, "She's here to teach us that you don't need the hardware to have true BDE with tons of great guests, piping hot tea, and plenty of laughter."

Demi Burnett's love life hasn't been dull since her 'Bachelor' days

Whatever Demi Burnett does for a living post-Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, she seems to be thriving in 2020 and her love life hasn't been boring either. Demi famously got engaged on Bachelor in Paradise in the summer of 2019 — to her girlfriend Kristian Haggerty, whom Demi had been dating in Los Angeles before heading to Mexico. It seemed like after coming out as bisexual and getting a proposal from Kristian, she was set. But the couple split in October 2019, per Entertainment Tonight

After that, Demi had a new beau, Slater Davis, and declared she was "happier than ever." Per Entertainment Tonight, she said in February 2020, "I'm so happy. I'm obsessed with him. He's the best ever. I feel like such a weird little sap, but he's the most incredible person I've ever met and I can't get enough of him." However, in June 2020, reports spread that Demi and Slater split.

Following the breakup news, she tweeted, "I just took a long, hard look in the mirror and realized the person who I need to love me, is myself." With some self-love, it sounds like Demi will be just fine... and maybe she can finally get into some interior design, too.