The Untold Truth Of Southern Survival's Mikki Montgomery

Netflix's new reality series, Southern Survival, premiered on July 3, 2020, to great fanfare, which makes sense when you consider its wild premise. To sum up the plot in a few words, the show's stars simulate dangerous situations and test out survival gear on-camera. What could go wrong, right?

As for how this daredevil series came to be, the people who run the box subscription service, BattlBox, brought it to life. The subscription specializes in delivering monthly boxes of camping supplies, survival gear, and something called EDC, which stands for "everyday carry," per Gear Junkie. EDC often includes gadgets and gizmos, such as pocket knives and small flashlights.

The monthly service eventually blossomed into an entire reality series, aptly named Southern Survival. Netflix's description of the show is a pretty compelling pitch, saying: "What good is surviving disasters if you can't have fun doing it? Laugh along as the BattlBox crew prepares for the worst, testing out products designed to help people survive dangerous situations, including explosions, natural disasters and intruders." Color us intrigued.

So what about Southern Survival's cast? Although the crew mainly consists of men who spend their time blowing things up, surviving rattlesnake bites, or trying out horns to scare off wild animals, there is one female lead — Mikki Montgomery. And she is the real deal. Keep reading to learn more about this fierce lady.

Mikki Montgomery is all about her family and saving lives

Mikki Montgomery is a key player in the reckless and highly entertaining shenanigans of Netflix's new reality seriesSouthern Survival. It's not just for fun, though, as the team takes their work very seriously. "My mission is to find products that are not just new and different, but something that's going to save lives," Mikki explained in the show's trailer.

Mikki's specific job title on Southern Survival is product specialist, according to Decider. It's a seamless transition because her role with the box subscription company, BattlBox, is corporate buyer, meaning "she's the one who tracks down all the gear." So if you're watching the crew test out a specific item, Mikki's likely the one who searched for it.

As for Mikki's personal life, she lives in Georgia and is married to Rick Montgomery, per The Cinemaholic. The couple has a young daughter named Paisley, who made some star appearances on the show. "My favorite part of filming was being able to share the experience with Paisley," the mom gushed on Instagram. "It was so much fun to watch her get excited to be on camera."

The reality star also has a grown daughter, Mary-Katherine, and a grandson, Henry. "He is the funniest little man I have ever met," Mikki said about Henry.

Best of all, Mikki isn't afraid to joke about her atypical career. "It's all just part of the job," she captioned hysterical photos of herself covered in mud.