The Untold Truth Of 50 Cent's Girlfriend

Once upon a time, people knew 50 Cent (born Curtis James Jackson III) to be a hardened, Queens gangster and the leader of the hip-hop group G-Unit, For the most part, the wild days of the Unit are firmly rooted in the early to mid-2000s. These days, the New York native has managed to transition from being a gangster in the streets and studios to a businessman in boardrooms and on film sets.

In 2014, the "Many Men" rapper produced one of Starz's most talked-about crime dramas: Power. According to Variety, the fifth season of the award-winning show "averaged more than 10.8 million viewers per episode through multiplatform plays." It seems that whether it's in the music industry or the entertainment industry, 50 Cent is a hit maker. Starz's president of programming, Carmi Zlotnik, called the producer "a force," noting, "He's a person who is driven to success in whatever he does." 

When he's not making game-changing television shows — or feuding with another celeb – there's a good chance 50 Cent is spending time with his girlfriend Jamira Haines — a.k.a Cuban Link (you know, like the jewelry). According to People, while it's unclear when the two made things official, "they stepped out for the first time publicly at the season 6 premiere of [50 Cent's] Power" in August 2019. At the time, Haines was 24 and Jackson was 44, but age is but a number, right? 

The two seem to be solid, and incredibly adorable. So how did the aspiring lawyer snag one of the internet's biggest trolls? Let's take a look.

Jamira Haines is an aspiring lawyer and fitness guru

Jamira Haines is more than just Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson's girlfriend. Haines has real goals and is actively working to make it all happen. As of this writing, Haines, who is an aspiring lawyer, is studying at Rutgers University in New Jersey, per Distractify.

In addition to working toward completing her studies so that she can one day take the legal world by storm, Haines is building her fitness brand, Cuban Fit. On the brand's official website, the entreprenuer sells "trendy and fashionable yet affordable high-performance activewear" and workout guides. The fitness guru also offers fitness training consultations and training sessions on her website. Over on her fitness Instagram page, Haines boasts more than 100,000 followers as of this writing. Meanwhile, her personal profile has close to 800,000 followers. 

On the fitness account, she posts videos of her in the gym putting in serious work in order to get killer results. With that much ambition, it's no wonder she caught the eye of the high-profile "P.I.M.P." and has kept him pretty busy.

Jamira Haines and 50 Cent make vision boards together

Jamira Haines made her first public appearance with Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson back in 2019. According to Distractify, the rapper seemingly confirmed the relationship when he commented "Yes, the f**k it is me" on a picture Haines shared on Instagram featuring a "mysterious guy (whose back was turned to the camera)." Since the quasi-announcement, the two have been seemingly inseparable. While the photos are all smiles and laughs, they're also having tough relationship conversations.

In the May 2020 issue of People, the father of two said, "For 30 days, I [told her], 'Send me a picture of something you want.' Then after the 30 days, I did the same. At the end of it, we put the two vision boards together and talked about the things that don't match up. It sparked conversations that we probably wouldn't have gotten to randomly, and it was easier for us to express it because it's so early." How adorably mature and forward thinking.

Rumors began spreading in June 2020 that the two might have broken up after Haines deleted pics with 50 Cent off her Instagram account and posted a photo that suggested she might have been back at her apartment after quarantining at his mansion. Since, as of this writing, nothing has been confirmed – and she did plan his birthday party in July 2020 — all we can do is hope that everyone is in a happy and healthy place, wherever that is.

Did Jamira Haines call 50 Cent out?

Sometimes Jamira Haines has to stand by her trolling man. Other times, she seemingly shades him herself. In July 2020, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson appeared on Lil Wayne's Beats 1 radio program, Young Money Radio. During the interview (via The Shade Room), he spoke about being attracted to women who look "exotic" (i.e. women with fairer-toned skin) and how Black women "attack" him for it. 

He said, "They [Black women] get mad. They get angry. You see a lot of sisters go, 'You f**k with this kind of girl or that kind of girl?' That s**t is exotic!'" He continued: "That s**t look a lot different than the s**t you see in the neighborhood all of the time. That s**t look like it came off a boat baby." Needless to say, Black women of all shades criticized 50 Cent's remarks and used them to discuss the difficult and sensitive assumptions of colorism in communities of color.

Following the since-deleted interview, Lil Wayne's daughter, Reginae Carter, who has a darker complexion, tweeted, "I'm black ! I'm beautiful ! I'm enough ! I'm exotic ! I'm amazing ! I'm one of a mf kind !!!! Now where my black beautiful Queens at?" Haines, who is Puerto Rican and Black, per Medium, posted a picture of her beau on Instagram with the caption (via Atlanta Black Star): "don't worry ladies, I already knocked him upside his big a** head .. Happy Birthday My Love." That one-liner post has also been deleted. It's as if it never happened.