The Untold Truth Of Heather Dubrow

If you're a Heather Dubrow stan or even just a die-hard Real Housewives of Orange County fan, you might think you know everything there is to know about Miss Fancy Pants. But think again. It turns out there's much more than meets the eye to this D.W. (doctor's wife) turned reality television star. 

During Heather's time on the Bravo franchise, viewers learned a lot about the former pageant queen. For starters, she waited until she was married to famous plastic surgeon, Terry Dubrow, for 12 (yes, 12) years before she finally changed her last name. We also learned that Heather knows how to throw a fabulous party to celebrate said name change — but BEWARE. If you so much as think about swiping any of the edible decorations from the custom cake she commissioned to commemorate the special occasion, you will be thrown out of her house faster than Terry can utter the words, "rhinoplasty."

Keep reading to learn all the things you didn't know about Fancy Pants Heather Dubrow.

Heather Dubrow's fourth child was a surprise

On the outside looking in, it appears that Heather Dubrow has it all: a beautiful home, a massive closet filled with the latest and greatest fashions, a long-standing marriage to a successful plastic surgeon, and four beautiful children. But it may come as a surprise to learn that the actress endured fertility issues that made it difficult to get pregnant in the first place. 

In 2012, Heather opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about her struggles to start a family with husband Terry Dubrow and why their fourth and final child, a daughter they named Collette, came as quite a shock.

 "The truth is that I had three children by in vitro," Heather confessed. "I had a lot of, personally me, not [my husband], but me, I had a lot of fertility problems. So to have a natural child was shocking, and I think I'm still a little shocked by the whole thing and I was ready to go back to work, my other three were in school full-time, and it really changed everything."

Heather Dubrow was hesitant to join RHOC

While Heather Dubrow is no stranger to the camera, the sitcom actress admitted in an interview with The OC Register in 2012 that she was initially very apprehensive to sign on as a Housewife. According to Heather, it was her husband, Terry Dubrow, who managed to convince her to take the leap into the world of reality TV.

It turns out Heather shot Bravo down not once but twice when they offered her a highly coveted orange and her very own spot on Real Housewives of Orange County. But according to Heather, Terry was none too pleased when he heard that she declined the offer for the second time. In fact, he didn't speak to her for two weeks.

"He really wanted me to do it ... So we talked about it, and I met with Evolution," Heather said, referring to the company that produces RHOC. And the rest is Housewives history!

Heather Dubrow has a Youtube channel... for her closet

It may not come as a shock to learn that the Heather Dubrow resides in a fabulous and fancy home equipped with a closet fit for a queen. But did you know that Heather utilized her impressive closet to start a Youtube channel? Yep, she sure did. Allow us to introduce you to Heather Dubrow's Closet. According to Insider, Heather's closet measures a whopping 500 square feet and includes an entire wall exclusively dedicated to Chanel handbags. And that's not all. The closet connoisseur even had one of those fancy "push for champagne" buttons. Now that's something a girl could get used to.

In an interview with People, Heather was quick to let it be known, however, that she's just as concerned with the organization of her closet as she is the items she fills it with. When asked how she keeps all of her fine clothes and accessories in perfect reach, she revealed that she prefers hangers over drawers. "I hang almost everything! When things go in a drawer you forget about them!" she explained.

Heather Dubrow's daughter came out as bisexual

Heather Dubrow's daughter, Maximilia Dubrow (affectionately known as Max) came out as bisexual in June 2020. With Pride 2020 coming to an end, Max took to Instagram to declare the news, as reported by People. The eldest daughter of the Dubrow clan shared a photo of herself sitting in the grass with the Pride flag draped around her shoulders and a playful caption that read, "I always knew I was bi, I just thought it was bipolar."

Heather wasted zero time before showering Max with her unwavering support. "I am SO proud to be your mother!" the Mama Bear gushed while also adding a handful of Pride flag emojis. She then took to her own Instagram to repost Max's revelation. Along with the post, Heather included a heartfelt caption. "I love you my beautiful, hilarious, amazing child!" she penned. 

While it's unclear if Max's Instagram post caught the mother of four by surprise or if she's known for quite some time, one thing's for sure — Heather has zero qualms when it comes to letting the world know just how special each of her children are.