The Untold Truth Of Chloe Green

Socialite Chloe Green is mostly known for, well... being a socialite. The Topshop heiress grew up quite comfortably as the daughter of retail mogul and billionaire Sir Philip Green, a man who is often described as "the British Donald Trump." A quick gander into Green's social media will show a plethora of photos of Green lounging around on her father's mega-yacht, vacationing in the most trendy and exotic locales, dining on exquisite food, and schmoozing with other power players like the Kardashian clan, Paris Hilton, and Sofia Richie.

But there's much more than meets the eye when it comes to this woman about town. Keep reading after the jump to learn the innermost workings of this high rollin' socialite and what sets the budding fashion designer, entrepreneur, and new mom apart from the long list of other socialites before her.

Chloe Green has always been ambitious

According to the socialite's father, Sir Philip Green, Chloe Green has been involved in the family business since she was a young girl. In an interview the billionaire did with The Times in 2009, Green boasted that "Chloe's interest in clothes goes back to when she was eight, coming with me to the shops in school holidays."

Later Green put that working knowledge and experience to use when she launched her very own shoe line, CJG by Chloe Green in 2012. According to Glamour UK, Green designed each shoe to have a green sole and named each pair in the first collection after places she has visited in the US. In an interview with Telegraph, Green gushed about watching her dreams become reality: "I'm so happy. I didn't think it would turn out like this to be honest. Like, it's so crazy to see a sketch, then a shoe, and then fit it and then see it here, it's the best feeling." And of course, the shoe line was launched on which retailer's website? You guessed it... Topshop.

Chloe Green had a brief stint in reality television

Chloe Green first made a name for herself in 2011 when she joined the cast of the reality TV show Made In Chelsea, per The Sun. During that time, Green was dating castmate Ollie Locke. As reported by Daily Mail, Green later explained in an interview that joining the show was her chance to be independent of her parents and do something on her own. "I wanted to do something that I initiated myself, and as I am already friendly with lots of the cast from series one, it seemed like a good idea for me to be part of the second series of Made in Chelsea," she said.

Luckily, it appears Green's father was tickled pink for his daughter to strike out on her own and delve into the reality TV scene. In a statement to Daily Mail, the Topshop tycoon had this to say about Green's reality TV gig: "I have been totally involved in Chloe's decision to want to do this, and as she says, she has made friends with many of the cast. She wanted to do something independent and once I had understood what it was that she was going to be doing on the series, I have tried to be as supportive as I can be."

Chloe Green used to date Marc Anthony

After her split from her Made In Chelsea castmate, Ollie Locke, Chloe Green wasted no time before getting swept up in another whirlwind relationship with none other than Latin music artist, Marc Anthony. While the two have an extensive age gap, it's alleged by Daily Mail that Green's father, a friend of Anthony, gave the couple the seal of his approval. Phew!

Unfortunately, Green's relationship with Anthony also ran its course, and the two broke up after a year-long courtship. According to Daily Mail, the honeymoon phase of the relationship ended soon after Green moved to the US and into Anthony's Miami home. A source claims that the split was ultimately Anthony's decision, telling the outlet, "The pair got serious very quickly and had the blessing of her parents, but it hasn't worked out. It seems to have been Marc's decision to end it." It's also reported that following the breakup, Green fled Miami and went on vacation with friends to lick her wounds privately. That really doesn't sound so bad, TBH.

Chloe Green had a child with the 'Hot Felon'

Chloe Green shocked fans everywhere when she was spotted out with former inmate turned fashion model Jeremy Meeks, aptly dubbed the "Hot Felon." According to Us Weekly, the couple was first spotted together in June 2017 smooching while on a yacht. Only one little problem... Meeks was still married at the time. Oopsie.

It appears, however, that the new couple was already on the fast track. Merely a year later in June of 2018, Green announced via Instagram that she had given birth to a baby boy. Along with a photo of the baby boy's hands, Green penned a caption that read, "Born May 29th 2018. Mommy and Baby both doing well. We kindly ask to respect our privacy please. Much love Chloe & Jeremy."

According to Us Weekly, wedding rumors started swirling in September 2018 when Green was spotted wearing a diamond ring on her left hand. When asked if Green and Meeks had any plans to tie the knot, Meeks vaguely answered, "Maybe." Unfortunately, rumors started swirling again in May of 2019 — only this time they were breakup rumors. While it's not clear what exactly transpired between the two, the breakup was eventually confirmed after pictures surfaced of Green locking lips on a boat with a man who was NOT Meeks. Which begs the real question: what is it with this woman and boats?!