Katy Perry Feels Bad For The Catfish Victim Who Thought They Were Engaged

While the world laughed at a Catfish victim who thought he was dating Katy Perry, she took pity on the poor guy.

In a clip from the MTV show that aired this week, a poor schlub named Spencer from Tennessee explains that he's been romancing Perry online, despite having never met her. He says they talked on the phone once, but most of their communication was through email, texting, and apps. "I've been talking to a pop star goddess for six years," Spencer tells the show's hosts. "She's awesome. Katy's funnier than I am. She's smarter than I am...Katy's full of life...huge heart."

This is all probably news to Russell Brand, John Mayer, Diplo, and Orlando Bloom.

Spencer says they discussed kids, and he poured about 25 percent of his life savings into an engagement ring made from his great-grandmother's emerald and a diamond band. Are you sad yet?

Spoiler alert: the woman to whom Spencer believes he is betrothed is not actually Perry—who's very happily and very publicly dating Bloom—but a Canadian woman named Harriet who was living in England, reported People.


When Perry, 31, heard the news, it broke her heart. "Someone sent me a link [to a story about the incident]," she told SiriusXM's Morning Mashup. "I didn't actually read through it, because I just think it's really unfortunate and very sad."

"My heart goes out to him, actually," she added. "Anybody that's been fooled like that or just you know...People have dreams, and people live in different parts of the world where not everything is always so accessible. Like, we live on the coast, and you know, we get stuff in a way that some other people don't get, and I feel bad for him," she continued. "And so I didn't really like to indulge in that, because my heart would die."