The Untold Truth Of Madison Reed: What You Didn't Know About Victoria Justice's Sister

Victoria Justice rose to fame in the 2000s when she made her debut as Lola Martinez on Zoey 101. From there, she became the star of Victorious on Nickelodeon from 2010 until 2013 and appeared in other television shows and movies, including Eye Candy and Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List. Clearly, the actress made a name for herself in Hollywood

If you follow the Florida native on social media, then you know she is very close with her sister, Madison Reed, who goes by Madison Grace on social media. Despite looking like twins, Justice and Reed are actually half-sisters and share the same mom, Serene Justice-Reed, according to Some Cards. Justice — who is three years older than her sibling — and Reed seemingly have a strong bond made evident by the fact that they are constantly uploading their adventures on the internet. From attending Coachella to strolling around New York City, the two are inseparable.

So, who is Reed? Keep reading to find out the untold truth of the Nick star's younger sister.

Madison Reed is talented just like her sister

Victoria Justice got her big break when she starred on Zoey 101 on Nickelodeon from 2005 until 2008. Before the actress became a star, her family uprooted their whole life for her, hoping she would make it in Hollywood. "I think I really realized [I loved to act] when I was 12 and I came out to L.A. for the first time," she told Newsday in 2010. Justice's mom and sister made the move with her to Los Angeles. "We packed up our house in Florida, and then I think that's when I really realized that I could actually make my dream come true and do this."

Justice ended up making a name for herself in the entertainment industry, but did you know that her sister, Madison Reed, is also very talented, too?Even though Reed doesn't have nearly as many credits as Justice, she's appeared on the small screen in The Hallow Sea, The Deuce, and Instant Mom.

In 2013, while Justice was on tour, she brought Reed up on stage to sing a duet with her called "Cheer Me Up." Before the pair performed, Justice said, "You're one of the few people in this world who really does cheer me up on a daily basis and makes me smile." Talk about a dynamic duo!

Madison Reed is all about self-care

Madison Reed has made quite the name for herself. In fact, as of this writing, she has more than 675,000 followers on Instagram. The social media influencer isn't afraid to post more natural shots or flaunt her body. Reed is into self-care and admitted on Instagram that she stays active by "being out in nature" and doing hot yoga. That being said, Reed's sister, Victoria Justice, can't always keep up with her sibling's workout routines. "Maddi's hardcore when it comes to hot yoga, I can't handle it. It's so intense," Justice said during an interview with Modeliste magazine in September 2019. 

As for Reed's other beauty hacks, she swears by this one piece of advice. "I have to wash my face before I go to bed every night," she told the outlet. Reed also loves the app Insight Timer — an app that has "free meditations for sleeping or for grounding" — which is part of her bedtime routine. "It has a community, which I love. I put it on every single night before I go to bed," she dished. "My favorite one is 'Breathing into Sleep.' It gets me every time. I'm asleep in 10 minutes when I put it on. I'm out."

No wonder Reed is constantly glowing in all of her photos — all that beauty sleep! 

Madison Reed and Victoria Justice have a strong bond

Madison Reed and Victoria Justice are not only sisters but best friends. The pair frequently upload their adventures on Instagram, and it's safe to say their bond is stronger than ever the days. During an interview with Modeliste magazine in September 2019, the siblings couldn't help but compliment one another. "My favorite thing about you, so many things," Justice told her little sis. "It's hard to choose just one, but it's true. Probably, you're just the funniest person that I know for sure. I feel that's something most people don't know about you."

"If they were to just go on your profile or Instagram, they wouldn't really get a sense of how hilarious you are," the Nickelodeon alum added. "You're one of the goofiest, weirdest people in the entire world in the most amazing way. You can always make me laugh. Constantly, I'm laughing if I'm with you! And you're so optimistic, you have such fun energy, good vibes, and you're outgoing."

For her part, Reed gushed over how "humble" and "sweet" Justice is," adding "you will always defend any of your friends or family members to the end." She continued: "You're just literally one of the most genuine people I've ever met in my life. And you're my sister. I lucked out. I hit the jackpot."

Clearly, Reed and Justice are #SisterGoals.