Here's What Happened To The Manzo Brothers From RHONJ

Albie and Chris Manzo became scene stealers on Real Housewives of New Jersey for being nice guys who loved their family. Even though the Manzo brothers avoided controversy, they did pull one move from the reality TV handbook: trying out different business ventures. During RHONJ season 1, Chris talked about his dream business, a strip club car wash, which never came to fruition. They partnered with their uncle Chris Laurita to sell blk water, which was black water enhanced with nutrients (via Bustle). Aside from filming with their mom Caroline Manzo for Real Housewives, the Manzo brothers and their close friend Greg Bennett had a web series called Boys to Manzo in 2011. In 2014, Albie, Chris, Caroline, and the rest of the Manzos got a TV spin-off called Manzo'd with Children, which spanned three seasons. Since then, Albie and Chris remained Bravo fan favorites, but they've stepped away from reality TV, focusing on their business ventures.

In July 2020, Chris and Albie announced their partnership with the Berkeley Oceanfront hotel in Asbury Park, New Jersy to remodel the catering space, poolside bar, and outdoor dining among other features. Albie told Page Six, "We've been given creative license to transform The Berkeley's venues into something truly unique, combining our love for hospitality and our years at the Brownstone." Gotta love any reference to the Brownstone, their father Albert Manzo's catering hall and an early RHONJ staple. Nevertheless, the Manzos aren't solely focused on the hotel. They have many projects that keep them busy.

They are working hard

Chris Manzo applied his years of Brownstone experience at his new business, Tenth Street Pizza, which is located in Hoboken, New Jersey. In April 2019, Chris told Bravo's The Daily Dish, "I just always found myself coming back to the restaurant business because I grew up in it with my dad. I used to spend my days off from school, Saturdays, weekends I guess you could say. Every Saturday I used to go to the Brownstone and make zeppolis."

Albie Manzo is focusing on company Bloom & Birch, which sells flowers that last for a year. Albie told The Daily Dish, "From a career perspective, I mean, we've both been insanely busy, like easily the busiest we've been our whole lives because obviously you get a lot of time back when you stop doing TV." In addition to their individual ventures, the Manzo brothers dole out advice on the podcast that they co-host called Dear Albie, which is a play on the iconic advice column Dear Abby. 

During one episode, their mom Caroline Manzo dispelled the misconception that she and her husband finance their sons' businesses. She insisted, "We don't finance anything. What did we finance? Their education. Absolutely. That's part of my role or my husband's role as a parent to help them in their education and get them on their feet. Beyond that, nothing." Even though Caroline has a reputation for being very involved in her kids' lives, she insists that's not the case.

They keep their love lives private

In January 2019, Caroline Manzo admitted that it "makes [her] crazy" when people say, "Caroline, you need to cut the apron strings." She insisted, "My boys, with who they're dating, what they're doing, if they tell me something, I listen; if they don't tell me, I don't ask." She continued, "I don't ask what they're doing, I don't ask who they're hanging out with, I don't ask about anything, work, anything."

Even if she's not "asking" questions, she has spilled some tea. During a BravoCon panel in November 2019, Caroline teased, "Albie might be getting engaged soon." She didn't share any additional info, but a month later, Albie posted a photo with a woman whose name wasn't mentioned. That same month, Caroline shared a photo of the family at the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree with someone who appears to be that same woman, but, like her son, she didn't tag an Instagram handle. However, the mystery woman appears to be Chelsea DeMonaco, who posted a photo with Albie in June 2020 that makes they seem like a couple.

As for Chris Manzo, in April 2019, he told Bravo's The Daily Dish about getting asked dating questions, "I just never like bringing other people into that if they didn't ask to be a part of it, so I feel bad that I'm always so cryptic about dating. But it's more other people than me." Unfortunately, there's not much to snoop since Chris hasn't posted on Instagram in over a year.

They're in touch with RHONJ cast members

Caroline Manzo's years-long estrangement from her sister Dina Manzo is infamous within Real Housewives of New Jersey fandom, but Chris and Albie Manzo haven't let those issues stop them from having a relationship with Dina's daughter Lexi Ioannou. In February 2019, Chris told Bravo's The Daily Dish, "All the cousins, we've always done a really good job of leaving parents stuff out of the way," even describing the cousins as "crazy close."

In addition to Lexi, they're close with some other RHONJ "kids," including Dolores Catania's son Frankie Catania. In April 2019, Chris shared, "Dolores is as much a part of our family as anyone that we're actually related to. I've known her my whole life. We used to babysit Frankie, like as kids we used to." He joked, "Watching him quite literally grow up, he's a monster. He's such a big kid, and he's like very good-looking. I hate him." They're also in touch with Kathy Wakile's son Joseph Wakile.

Although it seems like the Manzo boys are done with reality TV, they made the most of their time on RHONJ, strengthening relationships and learning business skills.