This Is What Kiko From Below Deck Med Is Up To Now

Chef Hindrigo "Kiko" Lorran left Below Deck Mediterranean in tears after Captain Sandy trashed his cooking. And from chief stew Hannah Ferrier to stunned viewers, everyone was decidedly not okay with it. But fret not, fans. Since leaving Below Deck Med, Chef Kiko is doing just fine and all of the love that people are throwing at him on social media is helping a lot, according to an interview he did with Decider

During his time on the reality show, Kiko brought a breath of fresh air to the motor yacht Wellington. He had a positive attitude, he never yelled at the stews during service like some other chefs, and might have been the only male cast member in the history of any Below Deck franchise to not be creepy or misogynistic. In Captain Sandy's defense, those nachos looked downright disgusting, but Kiko really was a Bravo treasure. Luckily, this moqueca fanatic is doing just fine since getting off the Wellington. 

Chef Kiko is living the 'dream' after his Bravo days

Chef Kiko has really landed on his feet since leaving Below Deck Med after that tragic Las Vegas-themed dinner. In August 2020, he told Decider that he's signed a two-year contract to cook on a catamaran that is sailing all around the world. "I'm going to meet with the owner tomorrow. He seems like a pretty nice person, a very adventurous person. He wants to discover the whole world with this boat. So I'm pretty excited and pretty happy. Also, me and my girlfriend [Nicole], we got the same job together. Seeing the world with my girlfriend, it's just a dream," he said. 

And Chef Kiko also said that he's learning how to sail as well, in order to be more "part of the crew" and not just in the kitchen. So not only is he working, he's with his girlfriend and learning new skills... it sounds like Kiko kind of won in this regard. On Instagram, he's posting beautiful pictures of him swimming in some of the most exotic places in the world, sharing recipes for his famous mushroom entrée, and trying to sell his cookbook, which you can buy for $4.99 online. 

Was Kiko's time on Below Deck Med cut too short? Maybe. But in the long run, it seems he'll be better off for it.