This Is What Family Karma's Monica Vaswani Does For A Living

"Software specialist by day, Bollywood choreographer by night." If Bravo's Family Karma star Monica Vaswani's Instagram bio is any indication, she's one busy lady!

According to Monica's LinkedIn profile, she's worked for the same company, Ultimate Software in Weston, Fla., since 2015. Her current position is as a customer service and HR software specialist. It's her third title within the company, so she's clearly impressed them over the years! 

But as fans know from the show, the "by day" part of Monica's Monica's Instagram bio is accurate. She's skilled at her tech job, but her true passion is dancing and choreography. In her "Dance" Instagram Stories highlight, for instance, Monica has shared videos of people she's taught in dance lessons over the years. There are students of all ages, and it's clear they're having as much fun taking the classes as she is teaching them. There's even a video of Monica teaching a Bollywood dance class to her coworkers at Ultimate Software!

So how does Monica manage to do it all? We explore the Bravo star's impressive career after the jump.

Monica Vaswani built her dance career from scratch

Throughout the first season of Bravo's Family Karma, fans got to learn more about Monica Vaswani's career and her choreography ambitions. In the series finale, which aired in April 2020, Monica taught Vishal Parvani and his friends a dance to perform at his and Richa Sadana's engagement party.

The guys struggled at first, even bringing alcohol to the dance studio during the rehearsal. But during the party, the couple's friends and family were clapping and cheering during the dance, and it was clear that Richa loved it, too. "My passion is teaching different genres of Indian dance," Monica told Monsters and Critics in April 2020. And she's great at it!

Despite how effortless Monica makes dance seem, she has worked hard to get where she is today. " Fun fact, I started giving dance classes when I was 15 by begging my mom to drive me to every Indian grocery store in the neighborhood so I could drop off homemade flyers," she captioned an August 2019 video of herself dancing. Clearly, Monica's dedication paid off!

Monica Vaswani works hard for her family

In an April 2020 interview with Brown Girl Magazine, Monica Vaswani explained that, despite her role on reality TV and the preconceived notions some have about Indian-Americans, she isn't rolling in the dough. "I don't have a mansion or fancy cars, I'm a regular girl who works a full-time job and strives to achieve her goals with my side hustles," she explained. "The dream is to work hard and take care of my family."

Despite the fame, it seems like Monica is super down to earth. And although she loves her job, she doesn't always love being thought of as "perfect" by friends or fans. "I have flaws like anyone else and I have so much to learn," Monica told the magazine. "I think that when people hear my story they'll get why I put a lot of pressure on myself to be the best version of myself."

Whether she's working with computer software or leading her friends in an alcohol-fueled dance session, Monica is doing what she loves with a smile on her face.