Maluma's Net Worth: The Colombian Singer Is Worth More Than You Think

Colombian singer Maluma is world-renowned and all of his hard work has paid off. Maluma's net worth proves that with about a decade in the business, you can really make bank. Per Billboard, Maluma released his first album, Magia, in 2012 with Sony Music Colombia. Three years later, he released Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy, which went to number one on the U.S. Latin chart, and hit the second spot in Mexico and Spain.

Maluma's music is popular everywhere — that album was also in the top 10 in Argentina and Uruguay. In addition to his own records, Maluma has also featured on "Chantaje" with Shakira and "Vente Pa' Ca" with Ricky Martin. The singer has also been recognized by his peers, winning an MTV Millennial Award in 2014. He's been nominated for two Latin Grammys and two Billboard Music Awards as well. With all of his success and touring, how much has all this earned him? 

Maluma's successful music career ties back to his grandfather

The benefit of being such a well-known artist throughout the world is that it pays. A lot, too. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Maluma is worth $12 million. That's impressive, but not a ton compared to some other popular singers in the same genre. For example, Shakira is worth $300 million (she's also been in the business for decades longer, per Celebrity Net Worth). Meanwhile, J Balvin, who has a career-length similar to Maluma's, is reportedly worth $15 million, per Celebrity Net Worth, so Maluma is on the right track, for sure. 

Maluma — whose real name is Juan Luis Londoño Arias — told Esquire that he's always had a love of music. He learned it from his grandfather, he said. "My grandfather was one of the biggest collectors of salsa in Colombia, so I used to go to his house every Sunday and listen. When I started growing up, I started listening to rap and hip-hop, and then I discovered reggaeton, and all of these Latin rhythms that I'm doing now, but my favorite is salsa. That's how I discovered the love I feel for music," the global superstar said. 

So far, it has paid off. And with the way that Maluma's career is going, there's more where that $12 million came from.