Where Is Lashanta From My 600-Lb Life Now?

When Lashanta White joined My 600-lb Life, she weighed 662 pounds. The mom-of-four's goal with going on the show was to get healthier for her 40th birthday. The TLC show, which features people who weigh over 600 pounds, gives those people a year and resources (including a doctor) to lose weight. Lashanta was helped by My 600-lb Life's doctor, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan (who goes by Dr. Now) — and not very many other people in her life.

Lashanta's journey featured not just a struggle with weight, but personal relationships as well. Her mother and boyfriend weren't supportive or helpful, according to The Cinemaholic, which made the process that much harder for her. She did, however, have the support of her children, who helped the bed-bound woman make it to Houston to join the show.

As with the rules of weight-loss surgery, Lashanta had to prove she was dedicated to a healthier lifestyle before she could be approved. And she did it — she took off about 130 pounds on her own before having weight-loss surgery. Her episode aired on TLC in April 2019. So, what is Lashanta up to these days? Let's see where this mom (and proud grandma) is in 2020.

Lashanta White is still living a healthier lifestyle

Lashanta White loves to share pictures on social media, showing off her impeccable makeup skills and her overall upbeat demeanor. While she only really shares photos and videos on Instagram and Facebook that are selfies of just her face, you can see the marked difference from what she looked like at the beginning of her journey on My 600-lb Life. Lashanta occasionally shares updates on her healthy living, singing in November 2019 that she's "trying to shine" and "trying to keep the weight off and get fine."

Lashanta shared a before-and-after photo set in summer 2019 on her Facebook, and you can see just how much weight she's lost. She may not be willing to share a specific number from the scale (which is totally fine, since that's her personal business), but we can still see the difference and how hard she's been working. Lashanta also has a YouTube page where she's posted a few updates — and more videos of herself singing! (She calls herself a "jingle queen" in her Instagram bio and says she's available for custom jingles.)

She's really active on Instagram especially, so you can keep up with everything she's got going on there — she's just one of the many people who have had a massive transformation on this show.