This Is What Lisa Rinna Typically Eats In A Day

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna is known for a few things: her signature pout, theinfamous line "Own it, baby," her moves on Instagram and her fabulous, flat abs! But how does the Housewife maintain such a great physique? In a 2014 interview with People, Lisa confessed that she likes to follow what she refers to as a "dirty vegan" diet. To clarify, she follows a vegan diet most of the time, but isn't afraid to cheat every now and then. "I tend to call myself a dirty vegan. I'm mostly plant-based — but if I do need to eat some meat, I'll have it." 

Lisa also refuses to use the dreadful d-word: diet. Instead, the actress-turned-reality TV star uses moderation and discipline to help curb her cravings. "I don't love to use the word diet because if I do, I'll just want to eat 10 times more. Moderation is key," Rinna explained. Hey, at least she OWNS IT, BABY.

Lisa Rinna takes her fitness routine very seriously

Lisa Rinna is adamant that though diet is important, it's her commitment to moving her body each and every day that keeps her so slim and trim. In 2015 the former soap star told OWN that fitness is as much a part of her routine as brushing her teeth. "For me, staying in shape [has] always been a part of my life and it's all about consistency," she said, adding, "I started working out at a very young age. I started playing competitive tennis, and I've worked out my whole life."

In an interview with US Weekly in 2018, Lisa praised yoga as her exercise regimen of choice. "Yoga has been my life savior for 26 years I've been practicing now," she maintained. "It's my consistent ... you know, I do many workouts and I go through lots of different things, but I think most consistently practicing yoga has been the most helpful in keeping myself grounded ..."

And there ya have it, folks. A steady diet of leafy greens coupled with yoga every day and the occasional big, fat juicy burger, and you'll be well on your way to performing a Lisa Rinna dance routine via Instagram while chanting the words "OWN IT, BABY" over and over again.