Ivanka Trump Looks Completely Different Without Makeup

As the daughter and advisor to the 45th president of the United States, Ivanka Trump is everywhere. We usually see her glammed up with a full face of makeup in tasteful (and expensive) clothes, standing supportively alongside her father Donald Trump at rallies, White House events, business gatherings, and so on. Even on her own Instagram, it's quite difficult to find a photo where Ivanka has a hair out of place. Of course, this clean look is typical of someone working in the White House.

It might shock you, then, to learn that Ivanka is on the list of many public figures who believe the best look is the no-makeup look. The businesswoman-turned-politician took to Instagram in makeup-less videos, which gave us a glimpse of the toned-down, natural version of herself that you might not be accustomed to seeing. Plus, Ivanka looks completely different without makeup — in a relatable way. Let's take a look!

Ivanka Trump appears confident communicating in her natural skin

The mom-of-three has posted make-up free videos on Instagram more than once, using each as a dash of inspiration for followers. In the first video, posted in March 2020, Ivanka Trump has her hair tied back in a loose bun and wears a plain, grey crewneck sweater. In the clip, she alerts people about the safety precautions needed during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Along with the video, she wrote in the caption, "In these toughest of times, America shows her spirit and strength. This will end and we will emerge stronger than ever before. ‪In the meantime, social distancing saves lives!"

In the second video, shared shortly after in April 2020, her hair is down and looks as if she ran her fingers through it to give it some volume. She chose to wear a plain black zip-up jacket. She reminds small business owners that they are the "backbone" of America and are supported by her father's administration.

In both videos, though, the similarities are clear: Ivanka's confidence in sharing a message without makeup to her millions of followers is obvious. Her skin appears radiant and blemish-free, and her eyes shine bright under her maintained eyebrows. Basically, her natural face looks flawless. While this may have been a relatable treat for her followers, Ivanka supports both natural and more glamorous looks.

Ivanka Trump loves being glamorous, but thinks natural beauty is important

It's actually surprising that Ivanka Trump doesn't share more natural snaps of her face, considering she preaches to her daughter Arabella that it is what's on the inside that counts. "It's crucial to me to impart to Arabella that confidence, strength, and grace are what really makes a woman beautiful," she once said (via Times of India). "The makeup and skincare are fun, but it's who you are as a person that matters the most." 

However, Trump does admit she has had a fascination with makeup since she was a child. "I used to love sitting on the bathroom floor in my pajamas and watching my mother get ready for an event. She'd stand in front of her vanity and apply bright red and blue makeup," she reminisced to O, The Oprah Magazine.

So, she likes playing with makeup, but appreciates a clean face. Like many others out there, Ivanka is a person who isn't afraid to show off both. So, how does she keep her face so fresh and clean?

Ivanka Trump follows a simple skin-care routine

Ivanka Trump sticks to a straightforward skin-care regimen to keep her healthy skin glowing. While we often see her in full glam, you might be surprised to learn Ivanka gets her day-to-day makeup done in a super speedy eight minutes when she applies it herself in the morning (via My Morning Routine). During the day, the first daughter also hydrates her skin by drinking ample water. "It's an ongoing joke in the office that I never have less than three glasses of water and some form of tea or coffee in front of me," she shared with Harper's Bazaar in 2014.

The first thing Ivanka does as soon as she walks through the door at the end of a productive day is wash all the makeup away. "The minute I walk into the house that's what I do... I wash my face, I take off all my makeup, and I feel sort of in my natural state, if you will," she explained. She treats her skin to moisturizers and tries to stick with organic products, too.

Forget the multi-layered skin treatments, vampire facials, and snail slime that we're used to hearing about from celebrities. Maybe instead of trying to amp up our skincare routine, we can take a page from Ivanka's book and go back to the basics. If anything, we can at least follow her number one rule (via Haute Living): "Take off your makeup before bed, no matter what."