The Real Reason Victoria Fuller And Chris Soules' Split

Alright, Bachelor Nation, we've got some news: Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules have split. In case you need a recap, here's the backstory. Chris was Season 19's Bachelor on the ABC franchise The Bachelor back in 2015. Meanwhile, Victoria was a contestant on Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor, which aired in 2020. 

Fans were surprised when reports surfaced in April 2020 that Victoria and Chris were hunkering down together in Iowa — Chris' home state — amid the coronavirus pandemic. Then, in June 2020, they were spotted together in Virginia Beach, Va. — Victoria's hometown — cuddling up at the Leaping Lizard Cafe, per Us Weekly

After being together for a few months, it seemed the two were another love story from The Bachelor franchise (thanks, ABC!) However, in September 2020, Victoria joined Bachelor alum Nick Viall on his podcast, The Viall Files, and told him that she and Soules "went a separate direction." So what else did Victoria say? We've got all the details.

Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules still 'talk all the time' despite split

Victoria Fuller joined Nick Viall on his podcast, The Viall Files, in early September 2020, to dish about her split from former beau Chris Soules. "I am just living my best life," Victoria told Nick. Even though they've split up, Victoria had nothing but positive things to say about Chris. "I respect him so much. I think he's an amazing man," she said. "I just think that like right now, I'm in such a different place than he is. And I'm not moving to Iowa anytime soon." 

She continued: "So I just want to focus on me. It's been so much about other people this year that I just really wanna like hone in on what I want to accomplish and like what I want to get out of this year and looking forward to my career in the future." The reality star added that she and Chris still talk frequently, sharing, "I still talk to him all the time. I think he's amazing and we are a lot alike, but I just want to focus on myself right now."

Victoria also added one special detail about how she and Chris met.

Victoria Fuller has a fellow 'Bachelor' contestant to thank for setting her up with Chris Soules

While discussing her previous relationship with Chris Soules on Nick Viall's The Viall Files podcast, Victoria Fuller revealed that she met Chris through another contestant from Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor: Kelsey Weier. Kelsey, like Victoria, made it to the final four on Peter's season. 

Victoria gave the whole story, explaining, "[Kelsey] was talking about how there's only three people from Iowa that have ever been on The Bachelor and she was one of them and Chris was one of them. And I was like, 'Oh, Chris is cute. Why haven't you ever talked to him?' And she was like, 'Oh well,' you know, whatever, I don't really know what her response was. But she was like, 'I have his number. I can reach out to him.' So she basically just like set it up and he ended up texting me within like five minutes of her giving him my number."

"I was like that's so sweet. So he immediately texted me and then we FaceTimed and we talked to each other on the phone and through text and then three weeks later I was in Iowa," Victoria said. While they have certainly split up, some of Victoria's comments seem to indicate that there is a possibility that she and Chris could still have a future. Could it be? Or is this another Bachelor fizzle? Only time will tell.