The Truth About Carrie Underwood And Jay Cutler's Relationship

Two Tennessean celebs are turning heads and raising questions with their unpredictable activities over Labor Day weekend 2020. While both are in the Nashville neighborhood, are Carrie Underwood and Jay Cutler close friends, just acquaintances, or neither? The answer is: There's plenty to the story that we don't know yet, but let's take a look at what we do know.

To start off, Underwood, a country music singer that made it big after American Idol, and Cutler, a former quarterback for the NFL, are an unlikely pair of friends. Underwood moved to the area after marrying Mike Fisher in 2010, where they are raising their children and recently put their mansion on the market, while Cutler first made his mark in the Volunteer State as a student at Vanderbilt University in 2002. He's also in the middle of a messy divorce with reality star Kristin Cavallari.

Underwood and Cutler don't have much publicized history together, sparking the curiosity of many who saw Underwood's Instagram Story in September 2020 featuring Cutler's familiar property. According to screenshots obtained by Us Weekly, Underwood posted content from Cutler's farm, to which he added two new mini cows, Ruby and Hank. Underwood introduced her sons, Isaiah and Jacob, to the animals. Screenshots of Underwood's IG Story show Isaiah and Jacob playing in the dirt and saying hi to Ruby and Hank. Sweet, right?

Carrie Underwood and Jay Cutler could be new(ish) friends

While it's clear these celebs had a good time keeping it low-key for Labor Day, it's still unknown how close Carrie Underwood and Jay Cutler really are. It's possible that the two met through their mutual high-profile sports connection, since Cutler is a former football player for the NFL and Underwood's husband, Mike Fisher, is also an athlete who played professional ice hockey.

Or considering both Underwood and Cutler have children close in age, it could be that the two linked up to keep their kids busy during quarantine. However, it's possible they've known each other for quite some time. A 2019 snippet from the short-lived E! television show, Very Cavallari, shows Cutler and his ex-wife discussing Underwood. Cavallari, who's a fashion designer, held up a product from her baby line and told Cutler, "It's for Carrie Underwood. I'm gonna need you to take it over there for me."

Cutler's appearance on Underwood's social media comes shortly after he made a return to Instagram after taking a break from the app in August 2020. Cutler previously made the decision to go cold-turkey on the photo-sharing app after his ex posted a photo with another man, a move that garnered heat for Cutler, according to E! News. "He was over it and deleted his account," a source claimed. Perhaps Cutler spent the time branching out for himself instead, making new friends with Underwood and her family.