The Truth About Chase Chrisley

Chase Chrisley, the second son of real estate mogul Todd Chrisley and star of Chrisley Knows Best, is known for his silly antics and stubborn disagreements with his dad. Chase has been on TV plotting all sorts of mischievous plans with his siblings (younger sister, Savannah, and little brother, Grayson) since the show's 2014 premiere on the USA Network, and viewers can't seem to get enough. In fact, he and sister Savannah landed their spinoff show in 2019 called Growing Up Chrisley, which follows the two young adults as they attempt to make it in the world without the financial support of their wealthy father.

Despite watching Chase transform from teenager to adult, begin college, launch a business, and land his show, among other substantial life moments, there still seems to be a lot to learn about the son of Todd and Julie Chrisley. From his silly pranks to his serious goals, here is the truth about Chase Chrisley.

Chase Chrisley keeps chasing love

Chase Chrisley might be a favorite among the ladies, as he seemingly falls for paramour after paramour. Which, in his defense, is not odd for a young twenty-something.

His first significant girlfriend was Brooke Noury, who he dated on and off for a few years. They were reportedly engaged, too, but called it quits for good in 2018. It was a positive thing in Todd's mind, who never liked Brooke. "Chase is broken-hearted over the fact that he's single from someone that none of us like," he said in a sit-down for the show, per Country Living. Luckily for Todd, Chase found happiness with Lindsey Merrick that same year, someone Todd called one of the "sweetest souls," according to a Facebook post. The two broke up shortly after.

Chase then debuted his relationship with Kayla Puzas in August 2019, claiming he was the happiest he had ever been, as he told Life & Style. It's unclear when the relationship ended, or why it ended, but fans speculate the relationship fizzled out at the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020.

As of July 2020, Chase is happily dating Emmy Medders, who he has known for a few years. "I think that I just had some growing up to do," he confessed to Life & Style about the two reuniting. It seems like 2020 was the right time for the right relationship to come into fruition.

Chase Chrisley had a financial setback

Folks might be surprised that someone as reportedly wealthy as Chase Chrisley has had money issues, but this was seemingly the case when in 2019, he faced a tax issue. He was slapped with a $16,886 Federal Tax Lien and got accused of avoiding the payment of his 2014 income taxes, according to documents obtained by The Blast. Things got sorted out when Chase paid the bill, as reported by The Blast, and Chase did not make public comments on the issue.

Although Chase didn't speak out about the tax problem, he did admit it's difficult to mess up while in the spotlight. "It definitely changed our lives entirely," Chase told People about his TV fame. "It forced us to grow up fast. I know I've made my fair share of mistakes, and learning how to bounce back and just grow from each mistake, it's a little bit different because every time we screw up it's in the public eye."

Chase Chrisley is creative when it comes to money

Coming from parents who built their successes from the ground up, it would make sense that Julie and Todd imparted some of their financial wisdom onto their sometimes wayward son. In return, he has tried making the dough in some curious ways.

In Season 4 of Chrisley Knows Best, Chase came to his parents and told them he wanted to make some cash by donating his sperm. He ended up not going through with it, but it caused a pretty hilarious reaction from his dad. In a blog post for USA Network's website, Todd wrote, "Now, if we could just get Chase to live in a big plastic bubble, then we wouldn't have to worry about him making sperm donations all over town!"

But that wasn't the only financial antic from Chase. A comical money-making opportunity presented itself to the reality star when he got a bible verse in large cursive letters tattooed on his ribcage while he was still living under his parents' roof. Todd was so enraged he offered to buy Chase a Range Rover if he removed it, according to TMZ. That's a deal few could deny, and Chase was not one of them. He got the tattoo removed, but for a more serious reason. "The reason I got it taken off is I saw how disappointed my parents were," he admitted to TMZ.

All in all, it seems like Chase is no different from any other 20-something out there.

Chase Chrisley isn't afraid of failure

Being wealthy like Chase Chrisley lends him the opportunity to try new things as soon as he gets the urge to try them — but that doesn't mean he automatically succeeds.

In Season 2 of Chrisley Knows Best, Todd and Chase take Grayson camping, or should we say "glamping," because they stayed in an RV. USA Network had no problem calling out Todd and Chase, saying they're "so city it hurts," but commended their stars for the effort. Chase also deserves kudos for the endless laughs he brought on the trip. He took his pranking skills to the woods when he planted some fake snakes underneath the picnic table at their campsite, which in turn caused Todd to go flying out of his seat when he saw them.

Another old-fashioned try from Chase came with his acting dream, with a prominent plot point in Growing up Chrisley being the reality star's attempt to break into the entertainment biz. However, he quickly found out it was more difficult than it looked. "I loved it, but it was way more work than I thought it was going to be!" Chase told Us Weekly. We might not see him on the big screen any time soon, but we suspect he'll find his new passion soon enough.