The Tragic Death Of My 600-Lb Life Star Coliesa McMillian

Six months after her episode of My 600-lb Life aired, Coliesa McMillian passed away at a hospital in Louisiana at the age of 41, according to TMZ. The TLC star died Sept. 21, 2020, according to a Facebook post made by a loved one on McMillian's blog page.

McMillian had four daughters, who were her inspiration for doing the reality show. TMZ reported that McMillian, who weighed 643 pounds on the series, sought to deal with her past trauma head-on in order to get healthier for her girls. Prior to filming the episode, she was reportedly confronted with two debilitating experiences: She lost her fiancé in a car accident and she had a heart attack.

One of McMillian's daughters took to her own Facebook account to pay tribute to her mother in a heartbreaking post. "Mom this is really hard for me. I can't believe [you're] gone whyyy? I'm so hurt [and] my heart is broken ... I know you tried so hard to put up a fight for us trynna make it to ours birthdays, graduations, trynna make it to see your first grand baby!" she wrote. "I will make sure he knows you he will know of his gran gran you wanted him to call you that well I will make that name real known!"

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Coliesa McMillian suffered complications from surgery

According to the Daily Mail, Coliesa McMillian reportedly passed away "following 'complications' from her weight loss surgery." However, the site also noted that the official cause of death has not yet been announced.

In a June 2020 post on a Facebook account for McMillian's blog, her family revealed that "after being on life support and almost dying" from the surgery, McMillian was bedridden and had a "long journey" ahead of her. "She is in a lot of pain," her family wrote. "She can not do anything like she used to. But she is there." McMillian later seemed optimistic, writing in an August 2020 post that she would "walk before Christmas."

The Daily Mail reported that McMillian had previously suffered a heart attack, but could not have surgery due to her weight.

McMillian's death marks the seventh passing of a person who appeared on My 600-lb Life, according to Distractify.

Our hearts go out to McMillian's loved ones.