Why Dancing With The Stars Fans Are Happy To See Carole Baskin Go

The can't-take-your-eyes-away-from Carole Baskin didn't last long before getting the boot while competing on Season 29 of Dancing With the Stars, and honestly, some fans couldn't have been happier when it happened. The Tiger King — or should we say, queen — was an interesting choice for ABC's reality dance show competition, and ultimately, the animal-rights activist was the second contestant to be eliminated. But her performances will probably last in viewers' minds for the rest of the season, and likely some years later.

From week one, it was evident that Baskin was new to competitive dancing (or just dancing in general), and that her pro partner, Pasha Pashkov had a lot of work in store if they were going to stick around. The only thing that was going for them was the (almost cringe-worthy) cat-theme that was prevalent in every one of their performances. Baskin danced to "Eye of the Tiger" during the premiere, attempted a Viennese waltz to "What's New Pussycat" during the second week, and her third performance saw Baskin and Pashkov come out in full-on lion outfits to dance to "The Circle of Life." We aren't lion (see what we did there?) when we say that Baskin's moves were downright bad.

Every week, fans took to Twitter to comment on what they felt were ridiculous performances, so it's not surprising that they were relieved that Baskin wouldn't be around for the rest of the season. But Baskin doesn't mind if fans were a little catty towards her because she feels like she accomplished something important.

Carole Baskin doesn't mind the catty haters

Even though fans may have been happy to see Carole Baskin get eliminated on Dancing With the Stars, the animal activist remained positive throughout her time on the show. When chatting with Entertainment Tonight's Laura Zima after the elimination episode, Baskin revealed that she didn't mind the publicity whether it was good or bad. "I love you both, because you've all kept it in the press," she said. She explained further, saying, "With all the horrible things that have been said and all the wonderful things that have been said, people are talking about big cats and why they don't belong in cages."

As for if Baskin knew that she had two left feet, she was also candid about her lack of dance skills and complementary of her fellow contestants. She admitted that she didn't "feel shocked at all" to be eliminated so soon and explained that the "people who stayed on the show can really, really dance, and that's what the show is all about."

All in all, Baskin was grateful for the chance to be cast on the show, stating, "I'm thankful that Dancing With the Stars gave me the opportunity [for] getting the message out there about big cats." 

That just leaves us wondering what this wild cat lady will be up to next.