Joe Biden's Debate One-Liner That Has Everyone Talking

The Sept. 29, 2020 presidential debate, the first of the election season, was spirited, to say the least. President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden went head to head in Cleveland, Ohio, on topics like racism, COVID-19, and more. Twitter, of course, had a lot to say about the debate overall, but both candidates offered up some particular lines that have gotten people talking — both good and bad.

While a lot of people are questioning Trump's line on white supremacy, a whole other camp of people have latched onto one specific line from Biden that came early in the night. When Trump continued to talk over both Biden and moderator Chris Wallace, the Democratic presidential nominee finally snapped and said, "Will you shut up, man?" It wasn't the last time Biden called for Trump to stop talking during the night, but it was the instance that has people everywhere talking about it ... and putting it on merchandise. Yep, it's true. You can show your support for Biden by donning a shirt with the quote on it.

Hillary Clinton had the best response to Joe Biden's remark

While Twitter and, well, the world has had plenty to say about the debate and former vice president Joe Biden's barb at President Donald Trump, former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had possibly the best response of all. Clinton has ample experience in going toe-to-toe with Trump, as she took him on during the 2016 election season, including debates not unlike the one in Cleveland, Ohio. But, while people are lauding Biden for snapping back at Trump, a few have noted on Twitter, that if Clinton had done that in 2016, she wouldn't have won the public's praise simply because she's a woman.

During the debate, author Jill Filipovic tweeted, "I so feel for Hillary right now because I'm positive she wanted to say that and couldn't." Clinton quickly replied to her tweet with, "You have no idea," confirming that she very much would have liked to handle things her own way while debating Trump. However, during her election run against Trump, Clinton handled it like a woman, even noting later that there were times when she felt uncomfortable around him because of her gender. However, now she's using her platform to support Biden's run against Trump and urge people to vote. She also doesn't mince words when it comes to sharing her opinions.