The Truth About Cynthia Bailey's New Husband, Mike Hill

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey tied the knot with sports journalist Mike Hill at the Governors Towne Club in Acworth, Georgia on Oct. 11, 2020, Entertainment Tonight reported. This is the second marriage for both the reality star and her new beau, who dated for 14 months before getting engaged, according to People.

Cynthia told the outlet, "This is not our first rodeo. Both Mike and I have been married before — but we are ready to ride!"

The couple began that ride in front of 250 guests, including many of Cynthia's RHOA costars. Khandi Burruss, Kenya Moore, and Eva Marcille all served as bridesmaids and watched the pair say, "I do," as per the magazine.

While fans of the show were very familiar with Cynthia's ex-husband Peter Thomas, who also starred in the series, not much is known about her new leading man. Here is everything we know about Mike Hill and the truth about their relationship.

Get the scoop on Mike Hill's personal and professional life

Mike Hill is a sports broadcaster, host, and TV personality with over 20 years of experience in the business, according to his Fox Sports bio. He is known mostly for his work with ESPN and Fox.

As per his bio, Mike was with ESPN from 2004 to 2013. During his time with one of the top sports networks, he hosted a series of shows, including SportsCenter, ESPN First Take, NFL Live, Baseball Tonight, Highlight Express, and his own radio show, Hill and Schlereth. In 2013, Hill landed his current job at Fox, where you can find him hosting a variety of shows and games for the network.

The sportscaster was previously married and is the father of two daughters (as documented on his Instagram account). Mike told Madame Noir that he sees Cynthia's daughter, Noelle Robinson, as his own. He also admitted to making some mistakes in his past marriages, but said he learned a lot from them and believes his marriage with Cynthia will be different.

"Infidelity was rampant in my first and second marriage," he told the outlet. "At the same time, I know who I am now. ... I know that I've matured. I know that I'm ready to be in a relationship with somebody like Cynthia Bailey and before I wasn't ready to be married. ... I am marrying Cynthia Bailey because I'm whole, she's whole, and it's something I want to do."

How did Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill meet?

The newlyweds can thank Steve Harvey for setting each other up as they met on his talk show, Steve TV. On the segment, Cynthia Bailey had the opportunity to interview three potential "suitors," with Mike Hill being one of the eligible bachelors. Cynthia ultimately ended up picking Mike to go on a date with after the two hit it off. Mike told Madame Noir he didn't expect anything to actually happen afterwards and wasn't sure he would ever see her again, but said the producers facilitated the whole thing.

"They kind of hooked us up like that. It's almost like they set us up on a blind date even though we saw each other. We started talking and initially it was a slow burn, but that slow burn became a blaze and now it's an inferno. I'm thankful for that," Mike explained.

Both Cynthia and Mike were not sure they would ever get married again and were happy being single at the time — that is, until they met each other. Cynthia told EBONY magazine in an interview that her perspective on marriage changed after falling in love with him.

"The question for me that I ask myself is not would I get married again, it just kind of became, 'Would I marry Mike?'" Cynthia said. "And yeah, I would marry Mike for sure, because Mike just feels right to me."

The truth about Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill's relationship

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill's relationship is definitely rooted in honesty and family. The two are in similar places in life having been divorced before and had children. They are open about their pasts, though, and love each other's kids as their own.

In an episode of RHOAthe couple addressed Mike's past in particular and his history of cheating in previous marriage. In the episode, Mike said he has apologized for the transgressions he made to his ex-wives and claims he is trying to do it the right way this time.

Cynthia told The Daily Dish, "When it comes to Mike's past, his past has nothing to do with me, I'm only looking toward my future with this man and I love the person that he is today. I love the way he's grown just as a person, as a fiancé, as a dad, as a man."

"Every man doesn't want somebody and to take on a kid," Bailey continued. "Even though she's 20, she's still my kid, you know what I'm saying? The fact that Noelle loves Mike, she's so happy for me. They have a great relationship. My friends and family love him. The only flags that came up was like green ones like for go, no red ones for stop."

The couple is looking forward to their future together and fans are excited to hopefully see more of Mike in the newest season of RHOA.